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5 Kid-Friendly Places In Siena, Italy

Travel to Siena With Your Family

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Traveling with your children is the best way to create wonderful memories as a family. Have you ever considered going to Tuscany on your next family trip? Then, you really should visit SienaSiena is an enchanting city in Central Tuscany. It is a definite must-see for its medieval architecture and charm. You can enjoy an authentic Italian experience in Siena with your little kids. Since my family’s move to Italy a year ago, we have discovered many fun and safe places to visit in Siena.

Siena, Italy
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1. The Children’s Museum of Art (Museo d’ Arte per Bambini)

Children's Museum of Art in Siena, Italy

It is a fun and unique art gallery for children. It is located inside the museum complex of the Santa Maria della Scala.  Here you can find different works of art with themes about childhood. On display are paintings, sculptures, installations, and photographs about children around the world. Children are allowed to touch many of the installations. There is also a special area for graffiti art and coloring artwork. The entrance fee to the Museum Complex of the Santa Maria della Scala already includes the entrance to the Children’s Museum of Art.

2. The University Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico di Siena)

Orto Botanico dell"Universita Di Siena



You can enjoy a walking tour with your small kids in this botanical garden. There are many gravel paths that are flat for the most part. There are parts which are slightly sloping but are safe to walk on. Also, there are some benches where you can sit down and rest if you get tired. You can bring a stroller if you want to and it is fairly easy to move around. The only tricky part is at the entrance where you will have to fold your stroller and carry it down the first flight of steps towards the first level of the garden.  Your children will enjoy looking at the various plants from central Tuscany and from other parts of the world. There are greenhouses, a farm,  a small pond, and a rock garden. Be sure to apply insect repellent before going!

3. Orto de Pecci

Orto de Pecci

(c) Joshua Young and Hershey Neri

All’ Orto de’ Pecci is my favorite place to have lunch with my little kids. It has a restaurant and a pizzeria located on a farm. You can enjoy an authentic Tuscan lunch while your children can run around and play in the garden. Here you can see ducks, geese, peacocks, chickens, goats, and other farm animals. You can also order a special pasta lunch for your little ones (pasta with cheese and olive oil). We had the best family dining experience at All’ Orto de’ Pecci!

4. Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo in #Siena Italy

The Piazza del Campo is the principal public space located in the City Center. Here you can find the Palazzo Publico, the Torre del Mangia, and the Fonte Gaia. Also, this is where the famous Palio Horse Race takes place twice a year. My children love to walk and run in the square while chasing after pigeons. You can sit and relax while having a slice of pizza and a drink. It is close to the shopping center so one parent can shop around while the other parent looks after the kids. It is surrounded by several restaurants and bars as well. In my opinion, it is the most convenient location where your kids can play while parents can dine and relax.

5. The Fortezza

Fortezza Medicea

The wall is an ideal place to take a stroll with your children. Last September 15, my family went to the Nella Vecchia Fattoria (In the Old Farm)- a two-day exhibit of farms animals, food stalls and product stalls at the Fortezza. On normal days, the Fortezza is an ideal place for strolling. It is stroller-friendly because it has ramps. Here you can find outdoor gym equipment and playgrounds for older kids. The Fortezza is the ideal spot for viewing the panorama of the city of Siena. Also located near the wall is the La Lizza playground where you can find a small pond with swans, ducks, turtles, and fish.


Siena really is an ideal place for children. It is also a wonderful place to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Siena is the best place to stay if you want to go on day trips to surrounding towns such as San Gimignano, Buonconvento and Monteriggioni. You can easily take the bus or train from Siena to Florence. While you are in Florence, why don’t you go to a Florence Food Tour or sign up for an Authentic Florence Cooking Class? Tuscany has many amazing things to offer! Visit for more information on Siena.

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