“Sad Girls” by Lang Leav: Favorite Quotes
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“Sad Girls” by Lang Leav: Favorite Quotes

A girl who cried wolf A boy in sheep’s clothing A killer romance A deadly secret My sister gave me a going-away present before I left the Philippines to migrate to a different country. I was so HAPPY to get a copy of SAD GIRLS (ha!) because I am an Instagram fan of international best-selling …

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Teaching Beginning Reading To Preschoolers

How do you teach a child to read? What strategies can you use to improve a child’s reading ability? In this post, you will read about some techniques on how to teach reading skills to young children. As part of my grad school’s requirement to perform a case study in a reading class, I observed …

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Gerry’s Grill Baptismal Day Package (Review)

A baby’s Baptismal Day is one of the most celebrated affairs by many Filipino Christian families. On this special day, family members and close friends get together to witness the child’s dedication unto the Lord. Godparents attend this solemn ceremony and give their blessings and vows to the child. After the ceremony, the reception is …