5 Things To Look For In A Travel Purse #travel #travelpurse #travelbag

5 Things You Need To Look For In A Travel Purse

Are you looking for a travel purse that is functional and fashionable? When you are traveling with children, it is important to bring a purse that can carry the essentials. Since you will be taking a lot of photos, you also want to bring a purse that looks fashionable.

When you are out there taking photos, walking long distances, and watching out for your children, you need a purse that has the following features:

How To Choose A Travel Purse by Bellissimamma (https://bellissimamma.it) #travelpurse #baggallini #traveltips #travelbags

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1. Hands-Free

You want a purse that you can easily hang on your body. You want straps that do not easily fall off. DO NOT use a purse without straps when you travel (ex. clutches). What you need are adjustable crossbody straps for the perfect fit, so you can keep your purse close to your body and off-limits to tourist predators.

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2. Organized

You need a purse that can keep your wallet, passports, cell phone, keys, makeup, wipes, etc. organized and not mixed in together. Your purse should have compartments that have a place for everything and puts everything in its place.

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3. Water- Resistant

When you are traveling, expect to get wet. You need to be ready for anything, rain or shine. That is why your travel purse should be water-resistant.

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4. Lightweight

Have you ever experienced walking around tourist destinations while carrying a heavy and bulky purse? To avoid this kind of situation, carry a lightweight bag. Look for signature fabrics that are durable but never heavy.

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5. Stylish

When traveling to beautiful destinations, you want to look stylish in your photos! Your bag should also be fashionable to make you feel confident and happy.

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Are you looking for a stylish and functional travel bag that will help keep you organized? If you think that fashion and function should go hand-in-hand, then Baggallini is the perfect bag for you!

Why I Love Baggallini:

I own an olive-green Baggallini Crossbody Bag. I really love that it is lightweight, stylish, and has plenty of pockets. It also has card holders, a cell phone holder, inside pockets and three compartments. Because it is so compact, I can put plenty of items inside it. It helps keep my stuff organized. My Baggallini Crossbody bag is very comfortable to wear and can be adjusted according to my preference. As a baby-wearing mom, the Baggallini Crossbody bag is perfect for me when I travel with my little kids.

I am also the Ergobaby carrier to carry my baby Lucas wherever I go.

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What do you think are the features of the perfect travel purse? Let me know in the comments section.

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