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Ciao! I am Carmela Granada, a mommy blogger and social media influencer based in Italy. I am also the founder and administrator of Mommaganda Influencers Facebook Group. Check out my about me page!

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First of all, collaborations and sponsorships can help promote your product or service! As a mommy blogger, I promote brands and services related to motherhood, education, parenting, lifestyle, and travel.  I help you grow your brand’s audience since my niches are travel, beauty, education, home, and parenting. Also, most of my readers and followers are moms from different parts of the world- mostly in the United States, the Philippines, and Italy. As a social media influencer, I love helping promote brands that my family uses. I am a strong supporter of small business and startups! Also, you can check out my recommended products on my blog and Instagram feed. Collaborating with a mommy blogger can help you promote your product or service to a larger audience.  So for collaborations, features, brand representation, brand ambassadorship, or more opportunities, contact me at

My Recommended Brands and Services

These are some of the logos of brands and companies that I have featured on my blog or on my Instagram:

Karissa Guerra


Cupcake Matters

dare to be morePerditi



Collaboration and Sponsorship Options:

There are many ways that we can work together! Personal interviews, Social Media Promotion (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), Giveaways, Product Reviews, Sponsored/ Paid Posts and Sidebar Advertisement on my website are just some of my ideas.

Additionally, I write features on people who I believe have made a positive contribution to society, or on experts who can share their knowledge with my readers.

In addition, I am a regular contributor to the Dolce Vita Bloggers Monthly Linkup and Blog crush Weekly Linky.  If you are a fellow mommy blogger who would like to collaborate or link up, please feel free to send me a message on how we can both grow our influence and our audience together. I always welcome your ideas on how we can collaborate. Please send me your proposal:


Disclosure Policy:

I, Bellissimamma, am the author of this blog. I give my honest opinion when I write my product reviews. If for any reason I cannot give my honest opinion, I will give my suggestions on how to improve the product or service.


Product/ Service Reviews:

I will not promote a product that I will not use myself or with my family. Reviews are honestly written and may include positive and negative points. Furthermore, reviews can take 3-4 weeks to be published and I have full authority on what I post. All samples received will not be returned.


Contact Me:

Finally, if you are interested in working with me, please send me an email at or you may send me a private message on Instagram or Facebook.


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