Bellissima is the Italian word for “beautiful”.

As women, we are on a journey of finding beauty and joy… 

For many mothers, we sometimes find it a challenge to find the beauty in what we do. Especially when we feel isolated, burned-out, and unappreciated.

Self-love (Amour de Soi) is a regard for one’s own happiness

When we learn to love ourselves and care for ourselves, we can be the wife and mother our family needs.

If you are struggling with self-love, know that you are not alone. It took me three decades before I understood what it really means to love yourself

I am still on this journey, and I am learning something new everyday. It is my greatest honor to share my story with you. 

Travel is also my passion. I like to bring my toddlers with me whenever I go see new places around the world. We moved from the Philippines to Italy two years ago so that we could learn about a new culture. As a teacher by profession, I believe that traveling is a wonderful way to learn new things. I love sharing tips on traveling with small children. I also like to travel alone as a way of loving myself. It gives me time to rest and recharge so that I can be a better mother when I come back from my break.

Bellissimamma - Florence, Italy

No matter where you are in life, know that you are loved. You have a beautiful soul. You are enough. Be You.


About The Creator of Bellissimamma

Hannah Carmela is a teacher of the early grades and a language educator by profession. She earned her Diploma in Language and Literacy Education at the University of the Philippines Open University. She is a Bachelor of Elementary Education (Teaching Early Grades) from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She is currently studying Italian (B1 level) and has completed a language course at the Universita Per Stranieri Di Siena.

She has just started a new career in entrepreneurship. After more than a decade in teaching, she has ventured into a new path in social media marketing, full-time blogging, and direct sales. She is enjoying her new journey as a “mompreneur”, and is excited to enter a new world of beautiful possibilities.



  1. We were planning to visit Italy last summer, but didn’t manage to. Hopefully, we’ll be able to plan a visit soon! 🙂

    1. I hope you were able to make that trip!

  2. What a wonderful journey Carmela! I always wanted to visit Italy! It is on my bucket list of things to do! You have a bellisima familia! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us! Ciao for now!

    1. Thank you, Ingrid for your beautiful comment. <3 Piacere!

  3. Beautiful family!! Love following your Italian adventures.

    1. Thanks, Denisha, fellow expat! <3 I also enjoy reading your travel blog. Stay blessed.

  4. I love your pictures! Italy is such a beautiful place, I hope to visit one day!

  5. Beautiful family. Following you on your Italian adventure.

    1. Thank you Pujarini! I also enjoy reading your travel blog.

    2. Thank you. I hope you get to visit Italy!

  6. Eccellente articolo . Io assolutamente apprezzamento questo sito . Grazie!

    1. Grazie. Sei troppo gentile.

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