Pre-Writing Practice Activities For Preschoolers

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children learn new skills. Maybe you have noticed that your child is already showing interest in writing. Your child holds a crayon and draws on paper. That’s great! Now, what’s next? How can you support your child’s interest in writing through pre-writing practice?

Early Signs Of Interest in Writing

When your child starts to show signs that he/she is interested in writing, parents should be ready to give support. We should encourage our kids when they show signs of readiness. Of course, we shouldn’t force learning. Rather, it is always best to make learning fun and enjoyable. Read this post to learn about writing readiness.

Learning does not always have to be inside the classroom. We can incorporate learning in our daily interactions with our kids. At age three, my son Samuel is already interested in learning about numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. He is also starting to learn how to write. My husband and I do not force him to sit down and write. Instead, we provide our children with a print-rich environment.

Personally, I think that learning centers with a play-based curriculum can help support my child’s learning. Trained experts and literacy teachers can provide our children with the support that they need. We can also ask them for tips on how to support learning at home.

Read Plus Ph

Read Plus Ph is a study center in San Juan, Rizal, Philippines. Prof. Daisy Jane Cunanan Calado is the center’s director. I know Teacher Daisy personally because she was my supervisor when I was training to become a teacher. She is very passionate about teaching, and she really loves and cares for her students. She is also a wife to a very supportive husband and a mom to two wonderful children.

Prof. Daisy Jane Cunanan Calado
Prof. Daisy Jane Cunanan-Calado

Read Plus Ph started with a simple dream to share the beauty of reading to children. Teacher Daisy has always been passionate in creating programs which allow children to see beauty and joy in subjects which they initially find challenging or difficult. She wanted kids to be in a place where they can learn, have fun and be free. With us, they can tell everything and learn anything without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Early Literacy Classes | Read Plus Ph

Last month, Samuel took classes in early reading, math, and language. In this post, I am going to show you some of the early writing activities that Samuel did with Teacher Daisy. When we returned to Italy, we continued to do these activities at home.

Pre-Writing Practice Activities For Toddlers
by Bellissimamma
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What Are Pre-Writing Skills?

A child needs pre-writing skills in order to write using a pencil/ writing tool. These include sensor motor skills that can be enhanced through pattern writing. Pattern writing through copying and tracing gives the child the confidence and ability to write letters and numbers correctly. (Source:

Tracing Activities

Sam traces straight lines from left to right.
Sam traces zigzag lines from left to right.
Sam traces zigzag lines.

Tracing Inside Letters

Sam traces the uppercase letter G using a marker.


Sam traces the uppercase letter I using a marker.


Sam had a very positive experience at Read Plus Ph. Teacher Daisy has a wonderful rapport with my son. He enjoyed working on his writing activities. In fact, I was surprised to see him write his name on his own. When his school had a book fair, he asked me to buy him some letters and numbers tracing books. He remembered what he did at Read Plus Ph, and he wanted to continue doing those activities at home. Teacher Daisy also provided some very positive feedback about my son. She also gave me reusable teacher-made materials that I can use at home with Samuel. My son was very blessed to have these sessions at Read Plus Ph. I highly recommend this literacy center to children who want extra support in reading, math, and language.


Read Plus Ph’s Contact Information

Read Plus Ph #ReadPlusPh
Read Plus Ph is located at Unit 205 Continental Court, 47 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan, Rizal, Philippines 1502.
Facebook Page: /readplusph

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  1. My son is younger but it doesn’t mean we can’t help his interest grow. We let him write (to the best of his ability) and teach him shapes and tracing. He loves it!

    1. You’re absolutely right! Thanks for the comment, Jenn!

  2. I remember doing tracing activities with my kids. These look like great exercises for young ones to develop their fine motor skills.

    1. Thank you, Marysa! Yes, tracing activities are very helpful and nowadays you can download cute ones online.

  3. I am a firm believe in creating literacy rich environments for our kids.

    1. Yes! It is really important that we model good literacy practices. Thanks for your comment, Mamie!

  4. I love this! My daughter is slightly young still but definitely pinning for later! Literacy is huge in our family, I’m a blogger and writer, and my husband is a writer so hopefully my daughter will at least have an appreciation for it!

  5. My eldest never showed any interest in writing before he went to school, in fact he wouldn’t hold a pencil at all! My daughter was completely the opposite and my youngest who is 3 can already write his name and the alphabet and numbers. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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