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Cupcake Matters


Chef Hazel of Cupcake Matters

Today’s featured mompreneur is Chef Hazel Anne Santos, owner of Cupcake Matters. Hazel Anne Santos is super passionate about baking. She decided to do a major career change. She followed her dream to become a pastry chef and to build her own pastry business.

Bespoke Treats by Cupcake Matters #bespoketreats #bakedgoodies #baking #cupcakes #cakes #bakers

First of all, her bespoke treats are always freshly made. Her bestsellers are the rainbow cake, red velvet cheesecake, and oreo blueberry cheesecake. She also makes delicious pies, tarts, fondant cakes, chiffon cakes, and more.

Another thing that Chef Hazel is proud of is her sugar-free cakes and cupcakes! In 2019, she started using almond flour and Stevia for her cakes. Customers who are concerned about a healthy lifestyle can enjoy guilt-free desserts made proudly by Cupcake Matters.

Shangrila Fort Bonifacio
Chef Hazel and I had a nice chat over coffee at Shangrila Hotel Fort Bonifacio. She even gave me a box of super soft-baked nutty cookies. I was only able to eat like two of them because my son Sam devoured them all!


Cupcake Matters

A Dozen Cupcakes Giveaway

Last year, before we even met in real life, Chef Hazel contacted me for a collaboration.  I hosted a giveaway for a dozen cupcakes. The winner of the previous giveaway was Mommy Honey Lea Morales. She won a dozen funfetti sprinkled cupcakes! She said that the cupcakes were super yummy. Chef Hazel does not scrimp on ingredients and she makes sure her customers only get superior quality baked treats.

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Cupcake Matters Bespoke Treats

Chef Hazel was so kind as to give my mother a special Mother’s Day cake. I was really so happy with her gift because I lived miles away from my family in the Philippines. My mom really liked the cake and she said it was not too sweet, which was just perfect for her taste.

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Special Birthday Cakes by Cupcake Matters

Chef Hazel makes extra special birthday cakes. I ordered a super special birthday cake for my sister Hershey. I chose the letter H cake because of its unique design. Chef Hazel put Ferrero Rocher chocolates and French macarons on the cake. For me, those add-ons were very meaningful. Last year, my sister and my parents visited us in Italy. I took them around Siena and we also went to Florence and Venice. The Ferrero Rocher chocolates represented Italy. We also went to France together to attend my cousin’s wedding and to go to Disneyland, Paris to celebrate my son’s birthday. Hence, the French macarons represented our memorable trip to France. 

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Hershey was super delighted with the cake! She said that it was the most beautiful cake she has ever received in her life. (Follow Hershey Neri on Instagram and read her blog here!)

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Order Bespoke Treats by Cupcake Matters

To order Chef Hazel’s baked goods or to check out her bespoke creations, send her a direct message on social media:




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What do you think of Chef Hazel’s baked creations? Do you like to bake? Have you also pursued your passion and turned it into a business? Leave a comment below, I would love to know what you think!

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