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Happy Moms Bring Joy To Their Homes

Hello, Lovely! Can you believe that we are halfway through January already? How is 2019 treating you so far?

If you have been following my blog, you may have read my latest post on 19 Self-love Habits To Develop in 2019.

Self-love is a big thing for me now.  I am sure there are people out there who can relate. For me, motherhood has changed my life because my priorities have changed. I have two very active boys under the age of four! Every day I give so much of myself to my husband and kids. (My husband is the same way, he gives so much of himself to us.)

There were several times in the past couple of years when I “broke down” into tears I was so tired. There was a time when sadness turned into anger and blew up into full-blown rage. That’s when you realize that things need to change.  I realized that I need to take better care of myself if I want to be a good mom.

Last year when we moved to Italy, I faced some difficult challenges- which included social isolation. As a work-at-home mother, I rarely have the time and energy to socialize with other people because I already have too much on my plate. This led me to ruminate about things that happened in the past, which led to all sorts of anxious thoughts and fear. My husband has been very supportive and even encouraged me to start this blog. One of my goals for this blog is to celebrate joyful motherhood. Through this blog, I was able to meet like-minded people who share my passion. Suddenly I became part of a tribe of parents all over the world who showed support and zero judgment. 

If you are feeling lonely, please allow me to share with you five things that have helped me become a happier mom. You will also find some pinnable quotes designed by Erin Condren. These sayings go on the front cover of day planners, journals and notebooks and can be personalized. As an affiliate partner, if you decide to purchase any of these journals/ planners by clicking on these photos, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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  1. Happy moms lift everything in prayer. 

    You are not alone. Turn every anxious thought and every form of fear into prayer. If you are facing a challenge, know that you are capable of overcoming it with the grace of God. Be joyful in every circumstance- see the positive in everything and run away from anything that steals your joy. Yes, you are mother…but you are also God’s daughter! Claim your blessings from your Heavenly Father who only wants the best for you. Be confident in His protection and be secure in His love.

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Erin Condren Faithful Eucalyptus Journal

2. Happy moms know their priorities.

Setting your mind on things above will help you figure out the most important things in your life. We do not have to say yes to every single thing. When you know your priorities, you can spend your love, energy, and effort on those things. Also, you do not have to do many things at once. Just take your time and do what you can. You are enough.

Erin Condren Set Your Mind 2018 Teacher Lesson Planner

3. Happy moms create the life they love.

Mothers are so good at making a beautiful life for their families. When I realized that I bring beauty to my home, it motivated me to make our home a place of comfort and joy. We live in a simple two-bedroom apartment, and I am proud of it because it is a place of sanctuary. It is not perfect and often times very messy, but I try my best to keep it clean and pretty.

We should also carve out time for our hobbies. Hobbies do not have to be expensive or time-consuming as long as they give you joy. For me, blogging is “my thing” and it makes me happy. I also have mom friends who like to knit, run marathons, cook healthy meals, and run a clothes boutique.

If you like to read books, you must check out Oxford Momma, a self-care subscription box for moms. Become an Oxford Momma to start getting new books, self-care items, tips, and more every month!

Erin Condren Life She Loved Journal Pin Me!


4. Happy moms are always grateful and thankful.

It is natural for people to see the bad side of things. We tend to focus on negative experiences instead of the positive ones. I am guilty of that because I am so easily affected by negativity. This is something that I am working on so that I can be a happier mom. If we are intentional on seeing our blessings and being grateful even for the smallest things, we can be happier people. We can also be grateful for the people who have done us wrong. Through them, we were able to learn an important lesson (such as staying away from toxic people), however painful it may be. Also, I believe that when we are thankful, we attract abundance and blessings.

Erin Condren Grateful And Thankful Metallic Journal Pin Me!

5. Happy moms see every day as an opportunity for growth.

Nobody is really prepared for parenting. You can read all the parenting books and listen to all sorts of advice only to realize that you will learn through your mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. Happy moms do not beat themselves up for their shortcomings. Every day is a new day to be a better, more loving, and more joyful mother. You’ve got this, mama! Nobody else should tell you how to parent your own children, because you know them best. 

Erin Condren Watercolor Splash Lined Hardbound Notebook 5 Pin Me!

I hope you got inspired by these images to make your happiness a priority!

When your cup overflows, you have a lot more to give. Your family needs you to be happy, and they need the love that comes forth naturally from your joyful heart.

What do you do to become a happier mama? Write a comment below and share this post with your friends. Please subscribe to my blog to read more posts on joyful motherhood!

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Carmela Granada is the creator of Bellissimamma. She blogs about beauty in your thirties, family travel, and joyful motherhood. Her family is based in Siena, Italy.


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  1. LOVE these points and couldn’t agree with them more. One new habit for me is keeping a gratitude journal and so far, I’m loving the process. I’m sure as I reach the end of this year, it would’ve had a bigger impact on my happiness than I can say right now.

    1. Thank you, Elisa! I also keep a gratitude journal and it has been very helpful to me as well. xoxo

  2. These are great, inspirational reminders for being a happy mother. Some days it’s hard to remember these things. It’s too easy to drown in all the stress and hecticness of life and forget to be happy. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Tresa!

  3. Yukti Agrawal says:

    I too agree on each and every word of your article about Happy Moms. I too believe happy mom lifts everything in prayer, and thankful to all they have. And yes happy mom love to create their own space with all love, affections and their little hobbies.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for your comment, Yukti!

  4. I love that you started with Prayer! I find that my day is better when I start with Prayer. It sets my mind and gives me peace.

    1. Yes, prayer and meditation set the tone of the day! Thank you, Anne!

  5. Tiffani says:

    What a wonderful and uplifting post!! I too try to lift everything to prayer!!

    1. It’s lovely to meet prayerful moms! Thank you, Tiffani!

  6. Wonderful and valid points. As you mentioned “happy moms do prayers”, yes i do prayers every day for my family. Thanks for the post

    1. Thank you, Indumathi! xoxo

  7. I need to print all of these out and just line my walls with them. Amazing reminders.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! xoxo

  8. Alissa Ford says:

    Thank you for your openness and transparency. I have 2 young boys too. It’s really non-stop with them. Thank you for the practical tips to create the happy live we deserve as moms!

    1. Thank you for saying that, Alissa!

  9. YESSSS!!! I love this so much!! Prayer is so important. Lovely post

    1. Thank you, Lindsay!

  10. This is a really sweet and positive post. I have a son and a daughter and you always need other mums to remind you that we all deserve to be happy. Thanks for the tips x #dreamteam

    1. Thank you, Rosie! xoxo

  11. Great tips! It can be so stressful at times. #ThatFridayLinky

    1. So true, Ember. Thanks for the comment!

  12. Love this. Such a positive post. Gratitiude and prayer are so powerful. #BlogCrush

  13. Priorities are so important, let the small things go and focus on what is important! #BlogCrush

    1. Thank you, Heather!

  14. I am coming back through with the #DreamTeam

  15. What a lovely post with some very important messages Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

    1. Thank you, Nigel!

  16. This is a brilliant post ! Im defiantely going to start thinking about ‘priorities’. Its so easy to get carried away with the business of life! thanks for sharing #blogcrush

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!

  17. Gorgeous points and you are absolutely right about each one. As a mum of two little girls I all too frequently forget to take care of myself but I am learning all the time the value of setting aside some time for myself and I make sure now that it happens more often than once every six months! #blogcrush

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tracey!

  18. brilliant post. I think prioritising what is important rather than trying to do everything and spreading yourself too thinly is such an important lesson to learn. I am getting much better at saying no but it does take a lot of work on my part as I am such a people pleaser! I shall continue to work on it though #blogcrush

    1. Thank you, Kelly!

  19. Wise words indeed! #ThatFridayLinky

  20. LOVE these points and couldn’t agree with them more. One new habit for me is keeping a gratitude journal and so far, I’m loving the process. I’m sure as I reach the end of this year, it would’ve had a bigger impact on my happiness than I can say right now.

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