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How To Feel Confidently Beautiful in Your 30s

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I turned 34 this year! I have lines on my forehead and stripes on my belly… and I finally felt beautiful. When I was younger, I felt insecure about the way I looked. As a child, I was bullied because of my physical appearance. When I made some changes to the way I look, more people started to like and accept me. Yet, I realized that I wanted to look good for others. I did not have that inner confidence because I listened to criticism and judgment.

I used to have a problem with saying no. Because I wanted to accommodate everybody, I became unhappy. On my wedding day, I was trying to help everybody out with their hair, makeup, and gowns that I did not have much time to enjoy my moment as a bride. Actually, I could count the number of people who truly made sure that I was doing okay. Looking back, I wish I had focused on myself instead of other people.

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When I became a parent, there were people who tried to undermine my parental confidence. This time, I transformed into a Mama Bear- I learned to defend myself and my kids. So, I put boundaries to protect my mental health.  Then, I learned how to curate my life so that I only have room for what’s truly meaningful. This means that I had to let go of the clutter.  Finally, I have learned to make my happiness my priority.

How To Be Confidently Beautiful In Your Thirties #beautyinyour30s

“Bad-assery gets better with age.”- Shelbee On The Edge

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The Life-Changing Power of Letting Go

Have you heard someone tell you, “don’t let yourself go”? So many women are afraid of looking old. Let go of that fear and celebrate your life. You are beautiful right now. Sister, let me dare you to let go.

Let Go Of…

  • toxic relationships
  • the hurtful past
  • negativity
  • expectations
  • anxious thoughts
(c) Leona T. Yau

Take Hold Of…

  • opportunities
  • God’s promises
  •  blessings
  • your future
(c) Alexie Alano- Budiao

Lose Yourself 

In my culture, “losyang” is a term used to describe women who “look dowdy”.  Sadly, there exists an unhealthy obsession for youth in our society. (I am not going to lie, I indulge myself in self-care which includes makeup and skincare) . What’s not okay is being in denial about your true age that you become bitter and spiteful. What a difference it can make to our well-being when we have an attitude of gratitude. Growing old means that I am still alive and I have more time to be with my loved ones. For moms such as myself, it is saying goodbye to maidenhood and celebrating motherhood.

Lose yourself and free yourself from worry. Congratulations, you are now a mature, responsible and respectable adult. Mentor someone who will benefit from your knowledge and experience. You are a leader. You are an authority figure on something that you have worked hard for. If you are undergoing a mid-life career change (such as myself), then good for you! You are ready to upgrade your skill set and pursue other interests. Stay young at heart, and don’t lose that joy.

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Lose Your…

  • insecurities
  • fears
  • unrealistic standards
  • judgment of others
(c) Loida Flojo


  • different perspectives
  • more skills
  • new experiences
  • fresh wisdom
  • renewed confidence
(c) Elika Edwards
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