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How To Style The Fringed Winter Scarf

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My mother gave me this beautiful woven shawl from Banawe, Philippines.  I really adore the intricate design and the colors of this shawl. This shawl is such a versatile accessory because it can be used in any kind of weather. Winter in Italy can be very cold. I keep myself warm by wearing this shawl indoors as I sip my coffee.  When I go outside, I use this shawl as a winter scarf to give a pop of color to my neutral outfit. 

Ways To Style A Fringed Winter Scarf

Ways To Style The Fringed Winter Scarf:

When worn with neutral outfits, these colorful shawls can make the dreary winter more cheerful! Check out the different ways you can wear this winter accessory.

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Plain Fringed Winter Scarf - $16.90

Fringed Winter Scarf - $11.90

Fringed Plaid Winter Scarf - $12.90

Fringed Patterned Winter Scarf - $14.90

Fringed Jacquard Winter Scarf - $10.90

Fringed Jacquard Winter Scarf - $10.90

Fringed Speck Yarn Check Winter Scarf - $12.90

Fringed Plain Winter Scarf - $30.90

Fringed Embroidery Winter Scarf - $23.90


Shop For Fringed Winter Scarves:

Do you like wearing fringed scarves? How do you style them? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Those scarves are beautiful and really not too expensive. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Julie! 🙂

    2. Thank you, Julie!

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