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How To Organize Your Child’s Moments and Milestones

I’m a mama who likes taking thousands of photos and videos of my kids. However, I realized that they are usually scattered in many places- on my phone, on my Facebook and Instagram, in my messaging apps, and on my laptop. I said to myself that someday I will organize these photos and videos. Unfortunately, so much is forgotten by the time I look back.

A Better Way To Build and Share Stories

Luckily, I have been contacted by Life Tales to try out Child Journals. It is an in-app feature that captures your child’s stories from any smartphone, tablet, and computer! I have been using the app for more than two weeks now, and I must say that it is a better way to build and share stories of your children.

How To Organize Your Child's Moments and Milestones using the LifeTales Child Journals App: Bellissimamma

Life Tales Child Journals

Most moms, including myself, are guilty of over sharing their children’s photos on social media. Well, the thing I like the most about Life Tales Child Journals is that you can share your child’s stories privately. Who are the people who really care about seeing your child’s growth? You can share those stories with them. When they download the app, they can also view your child’s photos and videos from their phone, tablet, or computer. Also, you can make your stories as short and as long as you want. Instead of creating disposable stories, you can create a treasure bit by bit that grows in value as it ages. Your child may even thank you someday!

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Key Features of Child Journals

✔️Highlight your story with text and audio

✔️Record everyday thoughts, moments and milestones through quick selfie video journals

✔️Parents can invite other family members and friends to add stories


✔️You can set a reminder (optional)



My Thoughts About The App

I find this app very useful because you can make quick daily selfie videos about your child’s day. It’s also easy to make photo and video albums which you can highlight with text and audio. I can also share Leon’s and Lucas’s moments privately with their grandparents and aunts who live in the Philippines. What I like about the desktop version of the app is that you can easily share your child’s stories using a shareable link!

I did encounter a couple of bugs that were fixed in the latest updated version of the app. Overall, I would recommend the Life Tales app to parents who see the value of storing, organizing and sharing their children’s everyday moments.


Life Tales Instagram Giveaway

Congratulations to Mommy Hazel Santos for winning a one-year subscription to Child Journals!

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