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Meditation For Moms: A Way To Care For Ourselves

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The responsibilities of a mother can be overwhelming at times. Taking kids to school and extracurricular activities, feeding everyone, working your full-time job/ side hustle and cleaning the house can be stressful. When we are always thinking of the needs and wants of our family, we often no longer find the time to look after ourselves. This dangerous tendency is detrimental to a mother’s well-being. It can lead to stress, high blood pressure, weight gain, isolation, and even depression.

In this post will discover the fantastic benefits of meditation, and how it can help us care for ourselves to be better mothers.

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person or escaping reality. Rather, it’s about practicing awareness and having a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not seeking to switch off your feelings, thoughts or sensations. You’re discovering to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may even begin to comprehend them better.

What Are The Benefits of Meditation?

The benefits of doing meditation span from lowering stress and anxiety to enhancing mental health and wellness. However, there are also some unexpected advantages of meditation that are lesser known, yet no less extremely useful in our everyday lives.

Below are some of the wonderful, lesser-known benefits of meditation.

Meditation For Moms: A Way To Care For Ourselves (

Increases Pain Tolerance

Meditation is found to help reduce pain and increase pain tolerance. Mothers experience an incredible amount of pain in our bodies: from pregnancy and postpartum recovery to everyday stressors such as picking up objects of the floor, cleaning, running around and standing on our feet continuously. Harnessing the power of meditation is life-altering. It gives you the focus to overcome recurring pains such as lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. It also renders us to be more resilient towards new forms of body pain.

Aids in Conquering Drug Dependency

Drug addictions and dependencies are not a secret. Even mothers are prone to over-depending on prescription drugs, antidepressants, or even illegal drugs. Are you battling addiction or drug dependence? Meditation (as a complement to professional support) can help you on your journey to freedom.

Helps Reduce Memory Loss

Memory loss affects many people worldwide; amnesia, dementia, and mental deterioration are pressing concerns worldwide. Although it is rare for young mothers to be susceptible to neurological disorders, it is not uncommon for mothers to lead such busy lives that they experience some kind of memory loss, especially mothers who are in constant stress. Meditation can help reduce the risk of memory loss by focusing the mind and allowing us to organize our thoughts in a way in which they can be retrieved later.

Enhances the Immune System

Meditation isn’t only helpful to the brain, but also has noticeable benefits for the body. We have all had to manage our kids while sick. Therefore, we are aware of how incredibly difficult it is. Meditation is proven to have a measurable influence on the body’s immune system.  It enhances our ability to withstand and battle common infections, premature aging, and pallid skin. By meditating regularly mothers can strengthen their immune system and ward off nasty bugs brought home by their children.

Improves Attention

Meditation is often connected with being calm and having the ability to unwind when needed. However, its benefits can also extend to us mothers by enhancing our efficiency and attention span. Meditation improves our cognition speed and our ability to perform tasks. It allows us to multitask better in order to provide for the needs of our families.

Stimulates Innovation

It is clear that meditation rewires your brain, and part of that change is to promote development in the locations of the brain responsible for creativity. With its focus on calm and preventing interruptions, meditation is the best method to overcome a psychological block or to get that burst of imagination when you most require it. Meditation certainly benefits mothers who enjoy creative outlets or careers. However, even non-creative mothers benefit from original problem-solving abilities and innovative approaches to dealing with their children.

Improves Sense of Touch

A little-known benefit of meditation is that it can assist your nerve endings in being more receptive. It can enhance your perception of touch. In a study, scientists discovered those who practice meditation regularly were able to distinguish between two different stimuli on the tips of their fingers more accurately. It is possible that this originates from the practice of becoming more aware of your body. This awareness leads your brain to pay more attention to the stimuli it gets.

Assists in Decision-Making

Generally, humans have a limited amount of self-control when it comes to making decisions. This eventually diminishes over time. This is known as “choice fatigue.” Meditation assists in increasing your mind’s resilience to “choice fatigue”. As a mother, you make many everyday decisions. Meditation allows you to make decisions quicker and with more clarity.  Being able to make decisions clearly and concisely helps you make better choices for yourself and your family. Through meditating, you become less psychologically drained.

Boosts Happiness

Meditation helps you tune in with what makes you genuinely pleased. By meditating, you can acknowledge the stresses, turbulence, and anxiety of parenting. Then, you let them disappear while you concentrate on your wants and needs. Often, these things align with what your kids and family need and want. Practicing meditation can assist you in living in the moment. It can provide you with more joy while your kids are still around.

10-Minute Meditation For Moms To Reduce Stress

Final Thoughts

Meditation can be a window to a calmer, more tranquil soul. It can help you be a much better mom. Meditation isn’t a cure-all, but it’s an excellent parenting aid when times get hard. It assists you to concentrate on what’s truly important. Finally, it gets us through life’s challenging obstacles to be the best people we can be.

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The lesser-known benefits of #meditation

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  1. Meditation is great for stress relief and calm. As a mom of young kids, I love incorporating meditation as part of my daily routine.

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  2. We all need meditation in our lives. I do it everyday. Great tips. #GlobalBlogging

  3. I think meditation and mindfulness are great tools for finding the calm amidst the chaos. I hadn’t really thought about the other benefits, though – thank you for highlighting these. The information about choice fatigue is really interesting – I’ve never come across that idea before but it makes sense #blogcrush

  4. I think self care is so important for parents to remember who they are as a person not just as mum or dad. I had no idea that meditation had so many benefits! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  5. A very helpful post on knowing about the uses of Meditation for mothers. I loved how a mother can be relieved from stress, pain after doing meditation. Also, it is great for our emotional well being. Thanks for sharing a great advice.

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