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Do You Want To Teach English Abroad?

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Become A Qualified English Teacher Abroad

Do you want to teach English overseas? Teaching English abroad can be an incredible experience! There are plenty of opportunities to teach English in countries all around the world. Read on to find out how you can be a qualified English teacher by enrolling in TEFL Courses provided by International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT).

From 2011-2016, I taught English to immigrant children in the United States. Now that I am living in Italy, I am thinking of future job prospects as soon as my two children are both in school. So, I did my research and I found out that many employers these days now expect their teachers to have received some level of professional training. Have you heard about the TEFL Certification?

What is a TEFL Certification?

The globally recognized standard qualification for teaching English to non-native speakers is known as either a TEFL or TESOL certificate. Many of the most popular countries for teaching English abroad also now require teachers to hold a TEFL certification in order to qualify for a work permit or visa.*

*According to ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training.


First, let’s take a look at these acronyms:

TEFL- Teaching English As A Foreign Language

It can be used in any situation where the English language is being taught to non-native English speakers (for example teaching English to Italian people in Italy).

TESL- Teaching English As A Second Language

This is where English is being taught to non-native speakers of English in a country where it is the native language (for example teaching immigrants to the UK/ USA).

TESOL- Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages

This term encompasses both of the above.


Teach English Abroad #TEFL #TESOL

Now, do you want to know how to be certified in TEFL/ TESOL?

DOWNLOAD your free TEFL/ TESOL E-Guide by International TEFL and TESOL Training, which includes the following information:

PART 1 : General Information

  • 1.1 What is TEFL/TESOL?
  • 1.2 Who can teach English abroad?
  • 1.3 Where can I teach English?
  • 1.4 Students, schools and timetables
  • 1.5 What experience/qualifications are required?



  • 2.1 In-class courses
  • 2.2 Online courses
  • 2.3 Combined in-class and online courses
  • 2.4 Specialized/advanced courses


PART 3 : Finding a Job

  • 3.1 Jobs overview
  • 3.2 Internet search
  • 3.3 Recruitment agencies
  • 3.4 Mail shot
  • 3.5 On the spot
  • 3.6 Freelancing
  • 3.7 CVs/resumes
  • 3.8 Interviews
  • 3.9 Contracts


PART 4: Preparing to Go

  • 4.1 Gaining extra experience
  • 4.2 Research
  • 4.3 What to take
  • 4.4 Useful resources/bibliography
  • 4.5 Learning the language


PART 5 : Job Prospects—A Country-by-country Guide

  • 5.1 Western Europe
  • 5.2 Eastern Europe
  • 5.3 Asia
  • 5.4 Latin America
  • 5.5 Middle East
  • 5.6 Africa
  • 5.7 North America
  • 5.8 Australasia
  • 5.9 United Kingdom


So, are you all set to take a TEFL/ TESOL Certification Course?

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  1. Fascinating! I know college friends who wanted to do this, and have one HS friend who is doing this currently – I had no idea there were whole levels of certification one could get, though! Cool!

    1. Thank you for checking this out, Flossie!

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