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How To Order Coffee in Italy

Is it your first time to go to Italy? Whenever you go on vacation to another country, you know that you need to adjust to the culture of the place. Italians are very proud of their coffee culture. So, it is very important for visitors to understand the way Italians take their coffee. Here is a simple guide to ordering coffee in Italy.

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A Typical Italian Breakfast

Italians usually have a cup of coffee (a cappuccino or an espresso) and a sweet pastry (a cornetto) for breakfast. Pastries are plain or filled with a fruity jam or with chocolate. There is no takeout coffee in Italy. People take their coffee standing at the bar or sitting at a table. 

Phrases For Ordering Coffee

Vorrei un caffè, per favore. – I would like a coffee, please.
Un caffè, per favore. – A coffee, please.


A Guide To Italian Coffee

Italian coffee comes in very small cups. Unlike Starbucks, there are no small, medium, or large sizes. You do not order for extra whipped cream or syrup. Most importantly, you do not order coffee to go.


Vocabulary For Italian Coffee 

Italian Coffee

1. Espresso or caffè– An espresso is a small amount of very strong black coffee.

2. Cappuccino– A cappuccino is an espresso topped with hot, frothy milk. Some Italians do not drink cappuccino (coffee with frothy milk) in the afternoon or evening.

3. Caffè Doppio– A caffè doppio is the double amount of the normal espresso.

4. Caffè Lungo– A caffè lungo is a larger less concentrated amount of espresso.

5. Caffè Americano– A caffè americano is a full cup of black coffee.

6. Corretto– A corretto is an espresso with a dash of grappa (or some other spirit).

7. Macchiato– A macchiato is an espresso with a small amount of milk.

8. Latte Macchiato– Latte macchiato is milk with a spot of coffee.

And one more thing…

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A Guide To Ordering Breakfast in Italy


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