Best Hairline For Your Face Shape
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Getting a Hair Transplant? Plan the Best Hairline Based on Your Face Shape

Best Hairline For Your Face Shape

Anyone going into a hair restoration procedure will likely have the same fear: is the end result going to look realistic?


While there are many factors that contribute to the end product, one thing that you should consider when selecting a hairline is your face shape.


So, how do you determine your face shape?


There are three factors for determining face shape:


  • width
  • jaw shape
  • length


Say your face is widest at the forehead…then your face shape is most likely heart. If the cheekbones are the widest, you probably have a diamond face. If they seem to be equal, that means you have either round, square, oval, or oblong.


To narrow it down, look at your jaw. Heart faces have a pointy chin, and square faces have a wide jaw. Rounded chins indicate a round, oval, or oblong face.


Next, look at the length of your face. Try imagining lines running vertically and horizontally down your face to figure out if your face is short, average, or long. A short face tends to be as long as it is wide, which indicates a round face. If your face is significantly longer than it is wide, it is oblong.


Now that you know what your face shape is, let’s talk about how to choose a hairline that will complement it.


Round Face


For a woman, a more rounded face shape is ideal, so this face shape is easy to work with. The biggest issue you’ll face with this shape is a face that appears too short. To remedy this, you want a hairline that elongates the face, such as a widow’s peak.


Men with round faces will probably prefer to create some angles and give the face a more traditionally masculine appearance. The best way to accomplish this is with a straight, square hairline.


Oval Face


With an oval face, you’re going to look best with your hair worn back off your face. You want angles and volume at the top of your head. For men, this means that a high, broad hairline will work with the natural planes of your face to create a stronger, more masculine shape.


For women, you’ll most likely want a softer look. This can be accomplished by creating a more rounded hairline. This will maintain the soft curves of the forehead and keep the face open.


Square Face


If you’re a man with a square face, you’re in luck. This face shape is often considered the masculine ideal. To take advantage of this and emphasize the strong lines of your jaw, a straight and square hairline is best.


If you’re female, you may want to soften the sharper lines of a square face. A low, narrow hairline will de-emphasize the forehead and bring more attention to the jaw. This creates a more feminine face shape.

Oblong Face


Whether male or female, the key to working with an oblong face is to make the face look wider than it is. Certain styles of hairline can emphasize the width of the face, which makes the overall face shape seem disproportionate.


The best way to play up your features and create a balanced look with this face shape is to choose an M-shaped hairline. This hairline brings the focus to the outer edges of the face, making it seem wider and more proportional.


Diamond Face


Similar to an oblong face, the important thing to consider when choosing a hairline is to emphasize the width of the forehead. Diamond faces can suffer from lack of proportion, so playing up the width at the top can help.


Two hairlines that can accomplish this are the M-shaped hairline and the high, broad hairline. Either of these choices is great for men. Women, however, may want to stick with the M-shape for a softer look.


Heart Face


A woman with a heart face shape will most likely want to emphasize this face shape. A widow’s peak can be an ideal hairline for this purpose. It emphasizes the shape of the face without adding too much width to the forehead.


Men with this face shape might want to play it down. One way to do this is with a low, narrow hairline that makes the forehead seem less wide. You could also consider a square, straight hairline to give the top of the face more angles.


Some final notes


These are just recommendations to help you think about what you might want. The way to get the best possible result in your hair restoration is to consult carefully with your doctor. They have the experience and expertise to get you to your ideal result.


To learn more about your options, you can contact Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. Dr. Epstein of the Foundation for Hair Restoration has been continually recognized in Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor Guide. His work has been featured by many prominent media outlets and he frequently trains other doctors on advanced hair-transplant techniques. He performs hair restorations in Miami.

getting the best hairline for your faceshape



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