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Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk: My Holy Grail Sunscreen

What is your favorite sunscreen?

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Putting on sunscreen is an absolute must to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Today I will share my review of my favorite sunscreen, Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk. There are many kinds of Biore sunscreen out there, but the one that comes in a little pink bottle is my absolute favorite.

Biore UV Bright Milk Sunscreen
Biore UV Bright Milk Sunscreen

Read why sunscreen should be part of your daily routine.


✔️Lightweight and it does not leave a sticky feeling on your face

✔️ Gives your skin a light pinkish glow

✔️Does not leave an ugly white cast

✔️Really good for covering pores


✔️Has SPF 50+, which is very good for the skin

✔️Makes your skin look matte and fresh


 Quite expensive at Php380 for 30ml

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Final Thoughts

The Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk Sunscreen is worth the price. It is an amazing product, and I highly recommend it.

Where To Buy Biore Products

I bought my Biore sunscreen from Watsons in the Philippines. If Biore products not available in your region, you can order it online from Yes! Check out these other Biore skin care products:


What is your favorite sunscreen? Have you tried Biore? 




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