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Featured Mom: Leila Vicente-Albani

A Tribute To A Working Mom

A Guest Post by Jenny Mendoza

Today’s featured woman is Leila Vicente-Albani, a News Assignment Editor in ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. She is a dedicated career woman. She says that in her chosen field, she is “the voice of the voiceless”. As a journalist, she can help people know their rights as well as the truth.

Mommy Leila has earned many awards such as the 3rd 20/20 Award (2017). It is an award given to people who not only excel in their craft but also work beyond the call of duty. For her, the best award in her life is her children, Hans and Angel.

Filipina Mother

Her job requires her to be away from her children. It is her biggest sacrifice as a mother. She said that she missed many special occasions and moments with her kids. She said that it is very difficult and that there are times when she just wanted to give up. There are times when she thinks that she is not a good mother. Her children understand the situation and would always tell her that they are okay. She feels blessed knowing that her kids understand that she is working hard to give them a good future. Hans and Angel are her sources of joy and inspiration. If asked to choose between her family and her career, she will definitely choose them.

Encouragement for Working Moms

She wants to inspire working mothers with these encouraging words:

  1. Never forget to tell your children that you love them but you have to work for their future.
  2. Always praise your kids if they do good in their school/studies.
  3. Be a good model to your children, they will always emulate what they see in you.
  4. Make your children proud of you.
  5. Always pray to God and be grateful for everything.

Mommy Leila is indeed a loving mother and a dedicated worker in her chosen career. I am inspired by her love for her family and her dedication to her work. I admire her powerful attitude and her unwavering faith in God.

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day To You, Ma’am Leila Vicente-Albani!

Working Mom
Leila and Jenny


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  1. Jenny Mendoza says:

    Grazie mille, my Ate Carmela. Always. Am blessed. All the best for you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Jenny for your guest post! All the best to you as well! 🙂

  2. I love this. I particularly like the tip about telling your children you love them but you are working for their future. I always feel the mum guilt about working but actually explaining it to them like this is probably the best way to help them understand. Kristie x

    1. Thank you, Kristie! My mom was a working mom and she was always busy. My sisters and I were raised by “yayas” (nannies) and I remember missing her a lot. But I remember going to her clinic every Saturday so I can stick around while she was working with her patients! Now I realized that she was trying to balance it all.

  3. Amazing post!
    Highly motivational post for our female friends. Hard work always meet success.

    1. Thank you, Abhilash! 🙂 I appreciate your kind comment.

  4. Being a working mum is HARD! I’ve had to explain to Dee a lot lately that I need to work to earn money so we can do fun things. She’s still little and it’s heartbreaking when she’s sad about me going. #BlogCrush

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