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How To Choose Your Maid of Honor

How To Choose Your Maid of Honor

Co-written by: Jenny Umali Mendoza (My Wedding Philippines 2015)

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Why is it important to choose the right maid of honor?

Behind every successful wedding is a strong support system. The right maid-of-honor will support you all the way and help you throughout the wedding planning process and on the day itself. You can count on your soul sister to take the very important role of maid of honor.  A soul sister is someone who has been with you through the good and the bad. Soul sisters intuitively know each other’s hearts and minds. If you have a soul sister, consider yourself blessed.

How should you choose your maid of honor?

Give the role to a person close to your heart. Is she trustworthy and supportive? Is she responsible and fit to fulfill her duties as your maid of honor? She should be willing to do what she can to support you on your wedding day. The right maid of honor will stand by you on your most special day, and the years to follow.

how to choose your maid of honor

  1. Your maid of honor can be your best friend.

    “Kitty has been my best friend since Grade Six. I honor and cherish our friendship up to this day! When we were only twelve years old, she said that she will design my wedding gown. And she did! She also designed my bridesmaids’ dresses! She’s that amazing.” –Mamma Carmela


“Dianne is one of my closest friends. I actually consider her as my sister since I don’t have one. She is an amazing person with a very beautiful heart. We have been friends since 2002. I don’t need to tell her things. She knows me too well. With her, I can be me. We make sure we see each other at least once a year.” 😍- Daisy

“I am so blessed that Jannike was my maid of honor. From SFDM in the Philippines to New Jersey and Los Angeles. Distance was never an issue, we make sure to have time for each other.”- Karla


2. Your maid of honor can be the person who introduced you to your future husband.


“Ate Amber and me: Flew all the way from Boston to be my maid of honor!  She was the one who suggested to consider Fegie 😁”- Janice


3. You can also have a matron of honor.

“Sheryl my maid of honor has been a witness to my teleserye-ish love story for 10 years before Mikki and I said “I do”, while my cousin Mariel, my matron of honor has been my frenemy since toddler days. 🙂

These beautiful ladies also stood as my bible bearer and coin bearer and continue to pray for my marriage up to this day. 🙂” -Nikki

4. Can’t choose just one? Then all your girlfriends can be your maids of honor!


“Me and my maids of honor who also doubled as our ring bearers and flower girls (since we had a relatively small entourage): these three girls have been my best friends since high school (UPIS 96!).”- Nikki

Nikki, blogger at, went to “the best trip to Vegas ever with the best group of people”!

5. Your own sister can be your maid of honor.

“My sister, Ionna was my maid of honor. She flew from Qatar for my wedding and did a good job taking care of me. We had no other relatives during my wedding because it was our (me and hubby’s) wish to be the only ones present in front of the priest during the ceremony ”  – Isbel

“My sister Manilyn. There is always that sibling rivalry on being the youngest – we are 5 years apart and I pretty much enjoyed being the youngest until she came along. I chose her to be my maid of honor as I know that she’d really make an effort in helping us make decisionsFrancis is very much comfortable with her. She now takes care of my daughter whenever our work permits. 😊”- Annalyn

6. If you have more than one sister, then your sisters can be your maid of honor.

“One of my most cherished blessings is the relationship that I have with my sisters. They were my best friends growing up, and continue to be even now that we are all adults and live far apart (they’re in Toronto, I currently live in Hawaii).”- Hannah

7. Your own daughter can be your maiden of honor.

Erin, blogger at, and her daughter as the maiden of honor.


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  2. My maid of honor was my best friend that I grew up with in Guatemala. We are good friends after all these years.

    1. How very sweet! 🙂 Friends forever.

  3. Aww this is such a sweet post! I think it would be the biggest honour to be chosen as someone’s maid of honour x


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