Here’s Why Kids Really Need Their Aunts and Uncles

Having a sibling who cares about your kids is such a huge blessing. Aunts and uncles play such a meaningful role in the life of your child. They are the parent’s allies in raising children. After all, “it takes a community to raise a child. Here are the reasons why kids need to have their aunts and uncles in their lives.

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Aunts and uncles give gifts to your kids.

As parents, we often think of the family budget and focus on our “needs”, not “wants”. More often than not, the majority of your children’s toys or gift items likely come from their relatives. In fact, the “single aunt” or “single uncle” is probably the one who gives the expensive stuff, especially during the holidays. A lot of aunts and uncles just love to spoil their nieces and nephews. 

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Hershey, a blogger and feature writer, loves to spoil her nephews. She enjoys giving them storybooks and educational books to feed their curiosity.

Melanie Notkin, the founder of, even coined the term “pank” (Professional, Aunt, No Kids). Panks are digital influencers who play a financially meaningful role in the lives of other people’s kids. They are active on social media. Moreover, they influence the purchasing decisions of those around them. 

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Yas, a market head and executive editor, enjoys giving toys and books to her nephews. Because they live abroad, giving them gifts is her way of showing her love for them even though they cannot always be together.

My good friend Gus Agustin thought of the term “punk” to describe uncles who actively play an important role in their niece’s/nephew’s lives. Punk stands for Professional, Uncle, No Kids.

Professional Uncle No Kids
Gus, a policy lead, body jam instructor and group fitness instructor, is a new uncle to a cute baby niece! Fun times ahead!

They spend time with your kids.

What’s the best thing about being a “pank” or a “punk”? You get to enjoy spending time with your nieces/ nephews- and return them to their parents when you are done! Parents will surely appreciate that “break” when they can do other things while the aunts and uncles are bonding with the kids.

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Kim, an entrepreneur, talks about the time when she used to play with her niece and nephew for 30 minutes a day! She also used to watch them during their naptime.

Aunts and uncles who have children of their own are equally important. Honestly, I think it is amazing to see cousins who played together as little kids become really close friends when they get older. 

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Marianne, a professional teacher, likes to takes her niece and nephew out for some yummy ice cream!


Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Kim, an entrepreneur, enjoys a lunch date with her niece. Sometimes, she would bring her niece to her meetings because her parents were out. She says that she has been there for her since 2007. She changed her diapers when she was still a baby. Actually, she even brought her to school when her parents were out for a medical conference. No gimmicks for her during college because she looked out after her.


Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Chris, a digital content editor & photographer, enjoys a day out at the beach with the niece and nephews.

They take cute photos with your kids.

You got to admit that as parents, we do not have a lot of time to look fashionable every day. New parents especially do not have a lot of time for themselves! A lot of single aunts and uncles have the luxury of time to look cute. So when you do get to go out, you can depend on your sibling to strike poses with your kid!

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Marianne is with her adorable niece at the mall. She is a fashionista just like her aunt.


Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Trina, a doctor, is wearing a matching outfit with her adorable niece. “Twinning- entirely accidental!”


Mylene, a marketing administrator, shares an “accidental twinning” photo with her sibling’s baby. Super cute!


Here are Trina and her niece “chilling” at home wearing matching gray tops and coral pink skirts!

Aunts and Uncles Are Super Amazing

Aunts and uncles who give their time, energy, and money to your children are super amazing. If you have siblings who love and spend time with your children, you are very blessed. If you have an amazing relationship with your own aunt and uncle, you are a very lucky indeed. Remember to show your appreciation to them by telling them how much they matter to you and your children.

Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Are Important
Kenny, an IT Specialist, with her super cute nephew


Do you have a special sibling in your life who has been there for your family? Leave a comment below and share this post on social media!

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