A Simple Beauty Routine For Moms
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Makeup For Moms: A Simple Routine That Works!

Makeup For Moms: A Simple Routine That Works! 

Look pretty and put together in five minutes or less.

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Do you want to fight the frump and look fabulous for the day? Developing a simple makeup routine can help busy moms look put together and still look presentable. Makeup can enhance your natural beauty and give you that boost of confidence. 

Today, you will know some makeup tips from pro-makeup artist Anna Vanessa Carvajal- Lo. As a busy mom herself, she knows how important it is to have an everyday makeup routine that works.

A Simple Makeup Routine For Moms

Anna is a freelance makeup artist based in Manila, Philippines. She is to two lovely daughters. She has a supportive husband who is “very busy”. As a hands-on mom, she tries to manage her schedule and run the household. Her faith in God sustains her throughout the day.

Self-care For Mothers

As moms, we spend a lot of time taking care of our family that it’s easy to forget about ourselves. Self-care is very important, but we tend to neglect it because we have a long to-do list. Being a mama made it so much harder for me to have that extra “me-time”. Some might think that putting on makeup is unnecessary. I’m not saying that all moms should wear makeup. All I want to emphasize is the importance of taking care of ourselves. We need to carve out some time for ourselves so that we can face the day with confidence.

How To Look Put Together In Five Minutes

  1. First, acknowledge that you are a beautiful creation of God. Start your day with positive loving feelings towards yourself.
  2. Next, prep your skin. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. Put on some eye cream. “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.”- Shu Uemura.
  3. Wear sunscreen. It is important to protect our skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure. (Try Younique’s protecting veil SPF 30 broad spectrum high protection fluid.)
  4. Do your eyebrows. You can use an brow pencil or a brow palette. 
  5. Curl your lashes.
  6. Put on some mascara
  7. Wear some lipstick.
  8. Smile. You are ready for the day!

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Be the best You!

Take care of your body, your skin, and your health. Be the best you for yourself and your loved ones. 

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Book A Makeup Session

For special events such as weddings and photoshoots, it is always best to have your makeup done by a pro. Anna is passionate about her job and her mission is to enhance the natural beauty of her clients. Follow Anna on Instagram.

Mama’s Mission

My challenge for you is to follow the steps above. Tag me on Instagram and I’ll feature YOU on my stories! Stay BE-YOU-TIFUL!

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