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“Belly”-ssimamma: Beautiful Ways to Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Fashion for the Pregnant Mom

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Hello, Lovely! Are you visibly pregnant and looking for modern and chic ways to dress for your second & third trimester? Are you excited to do a maternity photo shoot? Read this post for some fashion inspiration!

My awesome Facebook friends participated in The Belly-ssimamma Challenge, where they fearlessly shared their Maternity Chic photos! Check out the different ways you can show off your beautiful growing baby to the rest of the world!

Maternity Style

Wear black to look classy. 

Pregnancy Fashion
Keisha (USA) is wearing a black boat-neck dress with 3/4 sleeves. This dress accentuates her mommy curves and shows off her beautiful shoulders. Yes to millennial pink nail polish.


Pregnancy Fashion
Karissa (USA) is wearing a black snug dress that stops just above the knee. Perfect for a sunny day.

Sweater weather? Wear a cardigan with a tight-fitting top.

Pregnancy Fashion
Kimberly (USA) is wearing a cream-colored cardigan with a burgundy tight-fitting cowl-neck top as well as denim jeans.


Pregnancy Fashion
Carmela (Philippines) pairs a tribal print cardigan with a black tank top. She is also wearing a chunky necklace and strappy sandals to complete her boho-chic look for her maternity photo shoot.


Pregnancy Fashion
Pauline (USA) is wearing a gray cardigan over a black form-fitting dress. Rose-framed sunnies and bright lipstick add fun to a neutral classic outfit.


Pregnancy Fsshion
Karla (USA) is wearing a black cardigan over a black and white striped top that hugs her baby bump. The messy bun completes the casual chic look.

Feeling hot (literally and figuratively?) Wear a strappy top!

Pregnancy Fashion
Karissa (USA) wears a white tank top and black pants on a hot, summer day. Big sister loves her little brother!


Pregnancy Fashion
Pauline (USA) wears a cute strappy top with flirty ruffles.


Pregnancy Fashion
Tina (Philippines) is wearing a lovely white strappy lace dress and her wedding ring as a necklace pendant. (c) Dianna Capco Photography (

Feeling happy? Wear VIBRANT COLORS!

Pregnancy Fashion
Keisha goes out to brunch wearing a blue floral mini dress and blue strappy heels. Her beige clutch completes the fun look. Take note that she’s wearing neutral makeup to balance the look.


Pregnancy Fashion
Kim looks gloriously happy in her floral print maxi dress.


Pregnancy Fashion
Faith (USA) wears a turquoise dress from Motherhood Maternity. She makes sure that she stays hydrated!


Pregnancy Fashion
(c) Rheia Ramos Yeo Photography | Hair: Alexis Dulce | Makeup: Anna Vanessa Lo| Anna Vanessa looks blooming in her floral V-neck dress!

Do you want to accentuate your new assets? Wear a v-neck top!

Pregnancy Fashion
Glenda (Canada) wears a sleeveless V-neck top with a brass choker accessory. Makeup on fleek!


Pregnancy Fashion
Jo (Philippines) wears a lovely gray V-neck dress and classic accessories.


Pregnancy Fashion
Cat (Canada) is wearing a black v-neck dress with a waistline just above her beautiful bump. The ruched sleeves show off her slender arms.


Pregnancy Fashion
Cyrene (USA) is on “Target” in her fitted sleeveless V-neck top.

Winter weather? Stay comfortable by wearing knits and leggings.

Feeling bold? Bare your belly!

Pregnancy Fashion
Keisha (USA) (c) Robynne Miller ( Queen Mother


Pregnancy Fashion
Ivy (Philippines): Goddess Life-giver

Feeling empowered? Wear what makes you proud!

Pregnancy Fashion
Yvette (Philippines) proudly wears the U.P. Sablay during her students’ graduation day at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

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  1. […] Read Next: “Belly”-ssimamma: Beautiful Ways to Flaunt Your Baby Bump […]

  2. Dresses and leggings were the staples in my pregnancy wardrobes both times around. I really didn’t buy much maternity clothes which was nice!

  3. Pregnancy makes us so self conscious, and it is so nice to find that perfect outfit that make it flattering to be pregnant! These are some great shots and outfits!

  4. Such beautiful baby bumps! I loved dresses and tight tops paired with a cardi and leggings when I was pregnant. The stretchier the pants, the happier I was. It was all about comfort for me. I liked the outfits you showcased. I think theyre perfect for the mamas rocking baby bumps.

  5. Meagan says:

    since my bump was most prominent in the fall and winter, I loved wearing a top with a cardigan and under belly leggings. I love those dresses though

  6. Wow, this was cool. Keep writing this kind of blogs, you will get a lot of people to this blog if you continue writing this.

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