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Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, Tummy Butter, and Skin Therapy Oil Review

Ciao, Mamma! Did you get any stretch marks when you were pregnant? Did you use any products to help prevent them or to reduce their visibility?


Today, I will share my reviews on Palmer’s Massage Lotion, Palmer’s Tummy Butter and Palmer’s Rose Hip Oil.


Palmer’s Massage Lotion and Tummy Butter:

When I was pregnant with Leon, I used Palmer’s Massage Lotion (Cocoa Butter Formula) and Tummy Butter “Stretch Marks” in order to prevent getting stretch marks. I applied the Palmer’s Massage Lotion on my thighs, arms, and chest area diligently every night. During my first pregnancy, I swear- I did not get a single stretch mark. Also, I stayed hydrated all the time. When I was in my third trimester, my tummy was always itchy! Applying Palmer’s Massage Lotion and Tummy Butter helped reduce the itchiness.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula smells a bit like Yakult (the Japanese yogurt drink). I do not mind the smell, but if you do not want to smell like yogurt, then maybe this brand is not for you, especially since many pregnant women have sensitive noses.


For me, these two products are effective in preventing stretch marks.


Now when I was pregnant with Lucas, I was not so diligent with applying stretch mark cream on my body. I think part of the reason was I was too busy taking care of Leon, that I had no time to take care of myself. After giving birth to Lucas, I saw the stretch marks on my tummy. That is when I ordered a bottle of Palmer’s Stretch Mark lotion with hopes of reducing the visibility of the stretch marks. After finishing the entire bottle of Palmer’s, my stretch marks lightened but were still visible.




I received a sample of Palmer’s Rosehip Oil and so I gave it a try. First of all, I love its scent! It does not feel sticky and is super absorbent. Honestly, it moisturized and smoothened my skin. So even though my stretch marks were not completely gone, my skin became more even. I also enjoyed the texture of the oil.  When my sample ran out, I did not get to repurchase it because it was not available in Italy.  Now, I am thinking of trying It Works stretchmark cream or Bio Oil.


Which products did you use to help reduce your stretch marks? Share in the comments below!




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Carmela Granada is the creator of Bellissimamma. She blogs about beauty in your thirties, family travel, and joyful motherhood. Her family is based in Siena, Italy.


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  2. I’ve actually got the Palmers Massage Lotion – and I’m a big fan, but I actually use it on my face every day! ha ha. I didn’t know the Rosehip oil existed so I’ll be checking that out next time I’m in town. Popping over from #SnappedUp

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