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Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretchmarks and Skin Therapy Oil Review

Did you get any stretch marks during and after pregnancy? For my first pregnancy, I used Palmer’s Massage Cream. I was so diligent in using Palmer’s every night, and I swear I did not get a single stretch mark on my tummy.

However, on my second pregnancy, I was not as consistent in keeping up with this beauty routine. I ended up with stretch marks on the sides of my tummy (a.k.a. love handles). So now I’m using it post-pregnancy to help reduce them ( I know they won’t be gone 100% and that’s okay #tigerstripes). The cocoa variant smells a little bit like Yakult (the Japanese yogurt milk drink) and so I was excited to try out their Skin Therapy rosehip oil version. I personally love the rosehip oil variant because of its scent. It also does not feel sticky and it gets absorbed by the skin right away (perfect for the humid weather in the Philippines).

Which products did you use to help reduce stretch marks? Have you tried other brands like Mustela and Bio Oil? Share in the comments below!



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