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A Chocolate Drink for Breastfeeding Moms

I am a fan of anything chocolate 🍫, and to my delight, I discovered a choco drink specially made for breastfeeding moms! It’s called Mother Nurture 7 in 1 Choco Mix. I bought it from inangscollectionph, an online seller from Shopee. It costs Php 140 for 8 sachets. It’s got Stevia (a healthy substitute for sugar), malunggay (milk supply booster), gotu kola (strengthens memory), and ashitaba (anti-oxidant).


💟 It’s semi-sweet, which I like.

💟 The powder dissolves easily, hence the smooth texture.

💟 If all claims are true, then it’s healthy for me and my baby.

I’ve also tried Mother Nurture 7-in-1 Coffee! I love that product. *I actually preferred the coffee variant.



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