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To The Guy I Married Twice

A Shout Out To My Hubby

My husband and I recently celebrated our five-a-half-year anniversary! For those of you who don’t know, we got married twice. We did not get a divorce and then remarried. (By the way, divorce is still not legal in the Philippines!) We just had two weddings. Why get married twice- you may ask? We had been in a long-distance relationship for two years since I moved to the U.S. for a cultural exchange program. The only way we can be together right away was to get our documents ready before the deadline for some important paperwork.

The first “ninja wedding” was in an intimate setting with very close family and friends. The first wedding really was the legal date of our marriage. Two days after the wedding, I flew back to America.  We were “married” and yet we were again embarking on a solo flight. At least for another six months.

In between the waiting period something terrible happened. I lost the diamond of my engagement ring! It was the worst feeling in the world. It never turned up even though I searched through garbage bags and cleaned through the whole apartment. But you know what? I had to move on. I bought a hundred dollar “engagement ring” at J.C. Penney and “owned it”.

Finally, after six months of painful waiting, my husband and I were back together…forever! The second wedding took place at The Glass Garden, Philippines.

Our First Wedding in 2012
Our Second Wedding in 2013 (c) Filterpan Photography

Why Two Is A Special Number

  1. Two weddings
  2. Two break-ups (that we survived, obviously)
  3. Two years of being apart (long distance relationship)
  4. “Two” engagement rings
  5. Two countries we moved to (U.S. and Italy)
  6. Two children (Leon and Lucas)

A Couple of Throwback Photos

My 18th Birthday

Traditionally, when a Filipina turns 18, her parents will throw her a huge formal party where everyone important in her life is invited. I had a huge crush on my husband, and I asked him to be my debut’s escort! Actually, he was my third choice because the first two backed out! See…everything happens for a reason! Ten years later, he became my “escort for life”! These photos were taken at Fernwood Gardens in Manila, Philippines in 2002.

Our Engagement (See the original ring)

So my hubby proposed to me in a garden restaurant. We were both so happy that we forgot to finish our dinner! I don’t even remember why we had leftovers because the food was so good.  If you are craving for osso bucco, you need to head over to Rustic Mornings by Isabelo! We both need to go back with our two little boys and I will order the same thing we had that night.

  • Gardens are our “thing” obviously! Fun fact: my name “Carmela” actually means “garden of paradise”.
JC Penney engagement ring
My “fake” $100 engagement ring

Cheers For Five Years! (Cin cin per cinque anni!)

Chateau de Bouthonvilliers
Ma Famille
(c) Hershey Neri

Mi amore…

The Lord has blessed us with two darling boys. I know that having children completely changes a marriage. It hasn’t been easy for us taking care of two toddlers. Life is now more challenging (and exciting) as we go through the early stages of parenthood. Parenthood is messy, and we’re and stressed out…but I know that this will make our relationship stronger! We can do this, babe!

Happy 5th and a half Anniversary!


Baci e abbraci,

Carmela (Bellissimamma)


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