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I Trust And Love You: A Love Letter to Italy #DolceVitaBloggers

My Childhood in the Philippines

Hello! I am Mamma Carmela, the writer of Bellissimamma! I am a Filipina expat living in Italy with my husband and two little boys. Thank you for dropping by!

Do you remember the time when we used to write letters to our friends? Those were the good old days. When I was in second grade, my friends and I would write on scented stationery and end our messages with acronyms of countries such as J.A.P.A.N. (Just Always Pray at Night), I.N.D.I.A. (I Nearly Died in Adoration), and C.H.I.N.A. (Come Here I Need Affection). My favorite was I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You). Now, what used to be a corny acronym written at the end of 1990s love letters is now a real promise from one mother to another. I am writing this letter to Italy, my new home.

A Love Letter To Italy

Dear Italy 🇮🇹,









Mamma Italia, my adoptive mother, thank you for welcoming us into your family. I trust that we made the right decision to raise our children in your home. You promised me that you will respect my linguistic human rights to speak my native tongue, as you patiently teach me to speak the language of your people. I trust that you will educate your grandchildren, Leon and Lucas, with the knowledge of your history and your culture, and that they will grow up with a multicultural mindset and a global perspective.

ItalySiena, Italy


Mamma Italia, I love your majestic beauty that greets me every morning. Every day, I wake up seeing your glorious face. You welcome me with your warm embrace. I promise not to take your love for granted.

Siena, Italy
A Promise


I love that my children can freely and safely play in your backyard. They can run and climb and enjoy the great outdoors and breathe your fresh air. We promise to respect and take care of your natural beauty.

Siena, Italy

I love listening to the stories of your youth. Thank you for showing me your precious treasures from the past. We promise to respect your history and your culture.



The Filipino word “itali” means “to tie” or “to bind”. From now on, our lives are bound to each other. Mi fido e ti amo.




Thank you to The #DolceVitaBloggers Hosts Kelly, Jasmine, and Kristie for this month’s link-up, A Love Letter to Italy!

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