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Squishies, Slime, and Sisterhood

At Bellissimamma, we love to feature kids and their hobbies!

Ren and Rye are two sisters from the U.S. who love to make videos of squishies and slime! Please follow their Instagram account SquishiesbyRynnece to see their satisfying, stress-relieving videos! I guarantee you they will make you feel some very strong (and happy) feelings.

What are squishies?

“Lately, my kids and I are going gaga collecting and enjoying these cute, slow rising, brightly colored, and soft foam toys. They adore them so much that they started making videos of them on their IG account. They are not like just any other toys where kids usually get excited with them once they are new and later on find them boring after playing for a while. Squishies are like stress balls. It is so much fun and relaxing squeezing them! You can squeeze then over and over again and still return to their original size. I think somehow they help kids focus, improve their fine motor skills, and help alleviates tension and anxiety. They are fun to collect since they come in different sizes and shapes.”

-Mommy Cyrene


Let’s see the squishies and slime “in action”. Just click on each pic:

    1. Strawberry Cake Roll Squishy:

2. More cake squishies:

3. Icecream Squishie:

4. Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies:

5. Cheeseburger Squishy


6. Blueberry Butter Slime


Remember to follow squishiesbyrynnece on Instagram for more satisfying squishy videos!

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