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7 Success Tips For Mompreneurs From “Dare To Be More”

7 Success Tips For Mompreneurs From “Dare To Be More”

Have you read the book Dare To Be More by Kimberly A. Patrick? If you are an aspiring mompreneur, then you really should grab a copy of this book!

Dare To Be More is a Mompreneur’s Story of Risk, Resilience, and Recruiting Success.

Kimberly A. Patrick is the founder and CEO of Talent Matched and is a lead coach for aspiring six-figure moms at KimberlyAPatrick.com. She is also a partner in the real estate investment firm Two Girls and a Hammer. She has a daughter named Ashlynn.

7 Success Tips for Mompreneurs
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Success Tips For Business Moms:

Look back at your earliest positive achievements from your childhood.

“The key to your unique success blueprint can be found in your earliest positive achievements.” How do you do that? By taking an inventory of your childhood successes. You can ask your family and friends what they remember about you and you will be surprised at what you will discover. When I was in second grade, I lent out books to my classmates for one peso a day. I had an entrepreneurial mindset even back then!

Trust that God is leading you where He wants you to be.

“Every struggle in our lives can take us closer to our God-given destiny.” Do you feel like you have wasted time or have had to start over in a particular area? Don’t worry because you have to trust that you are right where God wants you to be. I used to major in Biology before shifting to a different course. Shifting to early childhood education meant that I graduated a year late. But you know what? If I had not started out as a pre-med student, I would not have met my future husband! Things work out for a reason.

Whatever comes naturally to you is a clue to your calling.

Can you identify those times when you “just did something” others might consider difficult? For me, I find it easy to connect with people. I also like to share what I know by writing about it. What about you? What is your natural talent? Do you think you can monetize that talent?

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Take time to assess whether you have a business or a hobby.

“You should check if people are willing to buy your product or to invest in your business.” Also, assess yourself if you really want your talent to be a business, or if you are okay with making it a hobby. When I decided to monetize my blog after spending a bit of time doing it as a hobby, it was because I learned that blogging can be a business.

You may have to pivot from your original idea, and that’s okay.

“Sometimes you may have to pivot from your original idea.” Look, if people are not buying your product, then you might need to change your original plan…and that is OKAY! I am still in the process of testing out my ideas. What about you? Have you experienced switching to Plan B when your original idea did not work out?

Learn to delegate tasks to the right people.

“Put the right people around you. Delegate and make things happen. Be relentless, too, and do not give up.” You may be a superwoman, but you cannot do everything! Curate your dream team, and don’t be afraid to assign tasks to people whom you trust. (This is something that I still have to work on since I tend to do everything by myself!)

Work smart, not hard.

“Balancing a family and a baby requires planning. Hire people to help you. Ask for help from family and friends.” I know the “mom-guilt” you might feel when you ask other people to help you take care of your own kids. But do not worry, you will have to hire a babysitter sometimes or maybe ask a relative to help you watch your kids while you work on your business. There is nothing wrong with that! Now, I must admit that again, this is not easy for me to do given my circumstances (I live away from my extended family since my husband and the kids moved to Italy). I am so blessed because my husband has been super supportive. At night when I get to work on my blog (after nursing Lucas), he reads Leon a bedtime story and puts him to sleep.

I hope you were encouraged by the success tips I compiled from Dare To Be More! Are you a mompreneur with some tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments section!

There’s MORE to Dare To Be More than tips on how to run your business. You can also read about Kim’s personal journey to her success AND get access to valuable material for your business or future business. Wondering if you as a mom have what it takes to make six figures? If you buy the e-book, you will get access to the link to Kim’s free mompreneur success assessment AND book a 1:1 consultation with her. Right now, the price is ONLY $3.99 on Amazon!

Get a copy of this book from Amazon! If you make a purchase through this link, I may earn a small commission with NO extra cost to you.

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