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9 Awesome Mommy Blogs To Follow in 2018

Welcome to Bellissimamma’s Blog!

First of all, thank you for dropping by Bellissimamma’s Blog! My name is Carmela. I am a mom blogger who likes to write about my family’s adventures in Italy. I also write topics on lifestyle, literacy, and little kids. Read on to find a list of interesting mom blogs to follow!

Looking For Mom Blogs To Follow?

Are you a newbie mom blogger who is looking for inspiration? Are you a parent looking for mom blogs on parenting and lifestyle? I compiled a list of mom blogs to follow in 2018! Mommy Bloggers from the Influential Mamas Community share their beautiful wedding photos and the links to their awesome websites/ Instagram! Please check out their mom blogs!


  1. Amira of What Mum Eats

(c) 2007 The Photo Boutique

“I have decided to write about one of my passions; food. My ramblings will mainly be about what my family eats, our recipes and reviews of halal joints with an emphasis on how family friendly they are.”

What I Love About Her Blog: She writes recipes for delicious, mouth-watering food (lamb, chicken ramen, pumpkin prawns…)!

Check out this article: No Oil Yahkni


2. Ariel of Ariel Loves

(c) 2017

Check out her beautiful outdoor wedding:

What I Love About Her Blog: All the beautiful ideas for home decor


3. Megan of Hooray for Coffee

(c) 2008

“Hooray for coffee…because parenting is hard.”

What I Love About Her Blog: She writes about Target (my favorite), parenting tips, and budgeting for moms.

Check out this article: 2 Surefire Recipes for Picky Eaters


4. Estephany of Decoding Motherhood Blog

(c) 2016 by Lux Life LV

Lifestyle Blog of the Imperfect Millennial Mother

What I Love About Her Blog: She understands what mothers go through, and she gives encouragement and inspiration to her readers.

Check out this article: A Letter To The Overwhelmed Momma


5. Theresa of Lettuce and Co.


 (c) 2012 by Christie Pham Photography

A Japanese Mummy in London: Recipes, Crafts, Family

What I Love About Her Blog: She draws super cute and quirky comics of her everyday life with her kids.

Check out this cute story: Misleading Declaration of Love


6. Jennifer of Teach Workout Love

(c) 2015

A Blog About Motherhood + Lifestyle by a Working Military Wife

What I Love About Her Blog: She celebrates all kinds of moms!

Check out this article: Happy Mom, Happy Child


7. Bo of Our Joy Tribe

(c) 2012 by Leah Savage

Have joy. Be inspired. Be you.

What I Love About Her Blog: She writes about motherhood in a Christian perspective.

Check out this article: Should I Be Dating Him? 5 Traits of a Godly Man


8. Olivia of ThisNThat With Olivia


(c) 2011 by Jay Moore Photography

Recipes, Crafts, Giveaways, Travel and More!

What I Love About Her Blog: She hosts lots of awesome giveaways and she gives advice on frugality and practicality.

Check out this article: How To Find Time to Declutter Everyday


9. Laura of Laura and Co.



(c) 2014

Laura writes about everything that she loves: her life, her adventures as a mommy, and memories with her family and friends.

What I love about her blog: Her photos are all amazing and Pinterest-worthy. She has a gorgeous family and she is absolutely beautiful!

Check out this article: The Terrible Twos


Finally, don’t forget to follow Bellissimamma!

Do you know of other parenting blogs that we should read? Are you a mommy blogger? Share your links and blog descriptions in the comments section!

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How To Choose Your Maid of Honor

How To Choose Your Maid of Honor

Co-written by: Jenny Umali Mendoza (My Wedding Philippines 2015)

  • This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission with NO extra cost to you.

Baile Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Why is it important to choose the right maid of honor?

Behind every successful wedding is a strong support system. The right maid-of-honor will support you all the way and help you throughout the wedding planning process and on the day itself. You can count on your soul sister to take the very important role of maid of honor.  A soul sister is someone who has been with you through the good and the bad. Soul sisters intuitively know each other’s hearts and minds. If you have a soul sister, consider yourself blessed.

How should you choose your maid of honor?

Give the role to a person close to your heart. Is she trustworthy and supportive? Is she responsible and fit to fulfill her duties as your maid of honor? She should be willing to do what she can to support you on your wedding day. The right maid of honor will stand by you on your most special day, and the years to follow.

  1. Your maid of honor can be your best friend.

    “Kitty has been my best friend since Grade Six. I honor and cherish our friendship up to this day! When we were only twelve years old, she said that she will design my wedding gown. And she did! She also designed my bridesmaids’ dresses! She’s that amazing.” –Mamma Carmela


“Dianne is one of my closest friends. I actually consider her as my sister since I don’t have one. She is an amazing person with a very beautiful heart. We have been friends since 2002. I don’t need to tell her things. She knows me too well. With her, I can be me. We make sure we see each other at least once a year.” 😍- Daisy

“I am so blessed that Jannike was my maid of honor. From SFDM in the Philippines to New Jersey and Los Angeles. Distance was never an issue, we make sure to have time for each other.”- Karla


2. Your maid of honor can be the person who introduced you to your future husband.


“Ate Amber and me: Flew all the way from Boston to be my maid of honor!  She was the one who suggested to consider Fegie 😁”- Janice


3. You can also have a matron of honor.

“Sheryl my maid of honor has been a witness to my teleserye-ish love story for 10 years before Mikki and I said “I do”, while my cousin Mariel, my matron of honor has been my frenemy since toddler days. 🙂

These beautiful ladies also stood as my bible bearer and coin bearer and continue to pray for my marriage up to this day. 🙂” -Nikki


4. Can’t choose just one? Then all your girlfriends can be your maids of honor!


“Me and my maids of honor who also doubled as our ring bearers and flower girls (since we had a relatively small entourage): these three girls have been my best friends since high school (UPIS 96!).”- Nikki

Nikki, blogger at, went to “the best trip to Vegas ever with the best group of people”!

5. Your own sister can be your maid of honor.

“My sister, Ionna was my maid of honor. She flew from Qatar for my wedding and did a good job taking care of me. We had no other relatives during my wedding because it was our (me and hubby’s) wish to be the only ones present in front of the priest during the ceremony ”  – Isbel

“My sister Manilyn. There is always that sibling rivalry on being the youngest – we are 5 years apart and I pretty much enjoyed being the youngest until she came along. I chose her to be my maid of honor as I know that she’d really make an effort in helping us make decisionsFrancis is very much comfortable with her. She now takes care of my daughter whenever our work permits. 😊”- Annalyn

6. If you have more than one sister, then your sisters can be your maid of honor.

“One of my most cherished blessings is the relationship that I have with my sisters. They were my best friends growing up, and continue to be even now that we are all adults and live far apart (they’re in Toronto, I currently live in Hawaii).”- Hannah

7. Your own daughter can be your maiden of honor.

Erin, blogger at, and her daughter as the maiden of honor.


Do you have other suggestions on choosing the right maid of honor? Share your comments below!

Featured Image: Classical Rina and her wedding entourage

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9 Inspiring Mommy Blogs in 2018

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, the owners shared their photos voluntarily. No copyright infringement intended, and I acknowledged all professional photos.

Why I Started A Blog

I started my blogging journey in 2017, a couple of months after giving birth to my second son. At that time, I felt the need to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings as I struggled to cope with the pressure and stress of motherhood. I blogged without expecting anyone to read any of my posts. As a matter of fact, I did not want anyone to know that I had a blog because I was not sure if what I was writing was “good enough”.

To my surprise, people were actually reading my blog! A few of my friends even encouraged me to go all the way and make it a career. After my family moved to Italy, I realized that it would be fun to write about our family’s expat adventures! That was when I decided to get my own domain via Siteground. I also joined the Influential Mamas Promo and Community Facebook Group and discovered mommy bloggers such as myself who share the same passion for writing and influencing.

As my way of celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, I would like to share a list of mom blogs with inspiring stories and helpful resources. To make this more fun, these mommy bloggers also shared their wedding photos!


9 Inspiring Mommy Blogs in 2018

1. Stacey of Just Mommin Around

Stacey lives in Cape Cod and is a mother to two “wonderfully crazy little children”. She writes articles on motherhood, organization, parenting as well as product reviews of things her family uses.


Married in 2011

Photo by A Perfect Picture


2. Jhilmil of Mommy In Me

Jhilmil writes about parenting and lifestyle. She calls herself a travel maniac, marketing professional and contented human. She writes articles on traveling with children, play ideas, inspiring women, positive parenting and more.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.23.15 PM.png

Married in 2010


3. Caitlin of Real Mom Recs

Caitlin describes herself as an adoptive mom, biological mom, slacker mom, Disney mom, and above all things, a real mom. She writes articles on motherhood, breastfeeding, and Disney World.


“This is from my wedding in 2009. I still love my dress (and my husband )!”


4. Kate of Homebound but Hopeful

Kate describes her blog as “one busy mom’s journey finding ways to feel fulfilled, productive, and connected, when stay-at-home motherhood was never part of the plan. Happily blogging from the intersection where children’s literature and design meet.” Read her article on celebrating family diversity.


Married in 2012


5. Rebecca of Mommy Takes 5

Rebecca says that you can lose yourself in motherhood. Her blog will help you “connect with the real you again”. Her blog has free resources on self-care. Furthermore, check out her article on 6 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge.


Married in 2016, Flowers by Bride & Bloom 

“One of my favorite wedding pictures, my dad tying the bow on my dress. It was a very special moment that we shared, he had tied all the bows on my dresses growing up, so I surprised him and asked him to tie the bow on my wedding dress.”


6. Yamy of Go Fam Go

Yamy got married on a very special date: 11/11/11. Go Fam Go is a multi-generation family travel blog. Join them on their adventure as they explore with a toddler and an elderly grandparent on dialysis. Search their blog for articles, reviews, and guides on different family vacation spots.



7. Ashley of Parenting the Principal

Ashely says, “I got married in June of 2011. We started the blog together originally but it’s become my baby. It’s about Parenting with an educational twist but we keep it real…as we are trying to navigate the crazy life of 3 girls under the age of 5. ” Read Why Children Need Routine and Consistency.



8. Ro of Travel Tiddlers

Travel Tiddlers is a Facebook Page for traveling with little ones. Ro says, “We have an 18-month-old son. We got married in Spain in 2015 as part of our family lives there and we love going there! (We live in the U.K.) Our venue was in a Vineyard and it was a perfect day!” 


9. Dawnmarie of Enjoying the Days

Dawnmarie’s blog is about her family’s travels and adventures together…and Disney World. She says, “July 19th, 1997 is when we got married, yet this picture is from July 19th, 2004. In 1997, we were away for the weekend and wound up getting married. We did not plan to elope. In 2004, we had a full wedding and a Covenant Ceremony. The theme was Seven Year Itch? Here is a switch. We are getting rehitched! We now renew our vows every seven years, and this summer will be twenty-one years!” Check out Disney Date Night Restaurants.


Dress by Christina Wu


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Aside from being a mommy blogger, I am also a Dolce Vita Blogger! Are you a lover of Italy? Check out this link to find out how you can join the monthly linky.