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Siena, Italy
Siena, Italy

Ciao! Welcome to Bellissimamma, where you can read topics on lifestyle, literacy, and little kidsBellissimamma is the combination of “Bellissima” (very beautiful) and “Mamma” (mother). I believe that all mothers are beautiful! My name is Carmela, and I am a work-at-home mom and teacher based in Siena, Italy.

Italy Blogger
Venice, Italy

Meet My Family

 I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband- let’s call him “Babbo”. I also have two little boys, Leon and Lucas. Leon is two and a half and Lucas is eleven months old. My family recently moved to Siena, Tuscany, Italy- known for the Chianti red wines and extra-virgin olive oil. We used to live in the Philippines and the United States before settling down in the beautiful country of Italy.


Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy

Why I Started This Blog

Last June 2017, I created a “mom blog” to share snippets of my journey into motherhood. I wrote about my thoughts on motherhood, my family’s travels, as well as product reviews. It was called Mommaganda and I used a free WordPress.com account. (Click here for sponsorship and collaborations.)

In January 2018, I decided to go for it and get a domain through Siteground , which I highly recommend if you want to go into full-time blogging! (Are you a blogger looking for tools to help you grow your following? Check out Instasize! ) I am so happy to get my own domain for Bellissimamma!  My goal for this blog is to become a site where I could share tips, stories and interviews on lifestyle (fashion, beauty, and travel) and literacy (reading, language, and health)! I also like sharing stories of my little kids, Leon and Lucas! You are also going to see a lot of posts about ITALY 🇮🇹, as well as product reviews of the things or services we use as a family.

San Gimignano, Italy
San Gimignano, Italy


Grazie mille for dropping by! Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, I will definitely respond.

Baci e abbraci,

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  1. What a wonderful journey Carmela! I always wanted to visit Italy! It is on my bucket list of things to do! You have a bellisima familia! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us! Ciao for now!

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