Buonconvento, Italy
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Italy’s Hidden Gem: Buonconvento

Italy is a country full of hidden gems. There’s more to it than Rome and Venice. If you have time to spend exploring the small towns of Italy, you must visit Buonconvento, one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany. Experience la dolce vita: take a break from the crowded tourist places. Enjoy a quiet passeggiata around the historic town and discover the reason behind Buonconvento’s name: “a happy and lucky place”.

Italy's Hidden Gem: Buonconvento, Italy

A Happy and Lucky Place

Buonconvento (“happy and lucky place”) is a medieval village in the Val d’Orcia area. It is listed as one of the Borghi Piu Belli (most beautiful villages) in Italy. Also, Buonconvento is just 25 kilometers south of Siena, and is easily reached by train.

Additionally, if you are planning to drive around Tuscany, make sure to stop by this charming borgo for an aperitivo. It is an ideal spot for hanging out and enjoying a lazy afternoon with your family or close friends.

Also, Buonconvento has a chill and calm atmosphere. For me, it is almost surreal. Maybe it is time to forget the worries of daily life. Why don’t you take “a walk back in time” in this carefully-preserved historic town? Italy has a way of refreshing the soul just by giving you a glimpse of what life was like hundreds of years ago.

Furthermore, it is relatively child-friendly! I think that it is an ideal place for small children because there are plenty of green spaces for them to run around. There is a garden just outside the town gate where you can appreciate the view of a typical Tuscan landscape.

Buonconvento, Italy


How To Get To Buonconvento From Siena

There is a direct train from Siena to Buonconvento. The trip takes about 25 minutes, and trains leave approximately every hour.  Make sure to buy return tickets at the ticket office. Also, have your tickets machine-validated before boarding the train. From the Buonconvento train station, you can easily take a five-minute walk to the historic center.

Buonconvento’s Historic Center

You can find churches, specialty shops, museums and cafes inside the historic center. My husband and I enjoyed a quiet stroll with my toddler and baby. Definitely a Saturday well-spent!

Buonconvento, Italy
My Happy and Lucky Family

Museum of Sacred Art (Museo d’Arte Sacra della Val d’Arbia)

When in Buonconvento, don’t forget to visit the Val d’Arbia Museum.  Here you can see sacred art and notable works by artists such as Pietro Lorenzetti and Matteo di Giovanni. My two-year-old son called it “The Jesus Castle”. Tickets cost 3 euros per person.

Val d'Arbia Museum in Buonconvento, Italy
“He’s got the whole world in His hands.”- Leon (Two Years Old)

Have you discovered other hidden gems in Italy? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Buonconvento, Italy

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  1. Ciao Carmela! What a treasure close to Siena! I am in love with Tuscany, so I’d love to explore more of the smaller villages. I especially love when you can get there by train since I don’t drive in Italy. Thank you for sharing this gem with us! 😉

    1. Yes, me too…senza macchina! 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Kelly!

  2. I drove past signs for Buonconvento on a Val d’Orcia daytrip but did not stop there. I think we were going to Sant’Antimo. Definitely an area I need to explore some more! I love your bambino’s comment’the Jesus castle’. Cutissimo! Ciao, Cristina

  3. What a lovely place! I can’t wait to visit all these sweet forgotten places when we next get to this area. I bet you’re loving spending your weekends discovering new spots! Wonderful that it suits the children as well. x

  4. Thanks for sharing such a precious little gem. I love how there are literally hundreds of little towns to explore off the beaten track all around Italy. Sometime a walk through them will make you feel as if you have the whole place to yourself and you will often have so many amazing interactions with the locals too!!

  5. This looks like such a sweet little place and we love what the name translates too! It sounds perfect! 🙂

    Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. Thank you, Blossom Twins! 🙂

  6. This sounds like such a sweet little place and we absolutely love what the name translates to! 🙂 It sounds perfect!

    Lucy and Kelly xx

  7. What a lovely borgo, and a great place for a day trip when visiting Siena or even Tuscany in general. I love that you can get to it easily by train!

    1. Thank you Lulu! 🙂 Yes it is a great day trip coming from Siena! <3

  8. Ciao Carmela! So sorry I’m only getting on my comment streak now, I’ve just gotten back to Italy and into the swing of things again. This is a wonderful hidden gem, I’ve never been, which is basically the case for almost all of the places that the bloggers have shared this month! So many places to go and so little time ahhhh! Jasmine of http://www.questadolcevita.com

  9. Thanks to the excellent guide

    1. You’re welcome!

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