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8 Clutter-Busting Routines For An Organized Home

A Guest Post by Zowie Ashton of Flat Cleaning London U.K.

Do you ever get frustrated when your home is cluttered and disorganized? We can feel overwhelmed and stressed out when it comes to tidying up. The good news is that decluttering your home can be more manageable when you follow these simple routines. 
How To Organize Your Home: 8 Clutter-Busting Routines (
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Don’t stress over the clutter.

Studies show that the thought of decluttering actually increases the levels of stress. The last thing you need is to feel bad for yourself. Instead of feeling miserable, take a look around. Start imagining how the house will look after you are done with the decluttering. Concentrating on positive images and thoughts will relieve stress.

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Don’t do everything in a day.

Decluttering the whole house in a day is not just tiresome but also quite unrealistic. Start from a single place and take a week or even a month to finish with the decluttering of every room in your home. Completing the tasks one by one will make you feel less stressed out and you can pay more attention to your family. Plus, when decluttering one place at a time, you will do it more thoroughly and the results will be better than dealing with the whole house in one day.

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Make a to-do-list.

Making a list of the places you must declutter will help you tremendously with the procedures. Every time you complete a chore on the list you will feel a sense of fulfillment and you will be able to see the actual results of your hard work.

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Decluttering will help you with the cleaning
It is proven that the less time you spend in decluttering before you clean, the easier, faster and more efficient the cleaning procedures will be. Would you organize books or magazines for half an hour before you start dealing with the mess in the living room? Or you would prefer already having it done and start cleaning right away? If you don’t make it easier for yourself, it is highly unlikely someone else to do it.

Follow the rules for the wardrobe decluttering.
The wardrobe is the place which most people always avoid. There are a few simple rules which will help you to make the decision of which clothes you can keep and which you should throw away much easier. Ask yourself if you have worn the piece of clothing in the last year, does it still fit and will you ever be wearing it again. If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, there is no reason to keep it.

Forget keeping things ‘just in case of’.

We are all guilty of keeping useless stuff. If you are honest with yourself, you can make decluttering possible. Forget keeping items in case of something happens. The chances to actually need things which you haven’t use in the last few years are quite slim. Instead, throw away those useless things and free some space in your home. This will give you a good feeling of an organized homeowner.

Make a box for items you are not sure about.

If you are having a hard time deciding for certain items, and you just can’t throw them away, you can store them in a box in which you can put away all the stuff you are not sure whether you will use again or not. But keep track, because if those items do not leave this box in the following one year, you are better off without them.

Make everything easier to find.
Finally, a true quality of an organized person is to know the place of everything in your home. Moreover, assigning a specific place for your belongings is very helpful and you will benefit a lot from it.

How do you keep your home clutter-free? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Inna Claudio says:


    1. Absolutely! I’m about to fill up a bag right now! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Inna.

  2. When we moved house 3 years ago, I was ruthless about what we kept and got rid of so much stuff. We moved house and everything had it’s place and looked really lovely and I felt so much happier, almost like a sense of having control over things. I really tried to keep on top of things but it’s so difficult and somehow I have ended up with loads of clutter again. This post has made me look around and see just how much the clutter is taking over again. I think I need to have another ruthless clear out…! #blogcrush

    1. I love what you said about “ruthless clear out”! You really got to give it your 100%! I really find it difficult to throw out old makeup. I know it’s bad. It’s really good that MAC recycles!

  3. Nice article. I’m the one that stresses about getting rid of the clutter.

  4. I have four kids so I am permanently drowning in clutter, and I definitely fall into the trap of keeping things we might need just in case. However, I like that point about not feeling like you have to get it all done in one day is a good idea, it can be so overwhelming so it’s better to tackle the tasks a little bit at a time. #blogcrush

  5. Hi, thanks for linking up with me. I’ll try to host it every Wed. Love your decluttering tips, especially where the wardrobe is concerned (that’s my tough spot). Ha, so I was starting to go through the whole house, bit by bit and making good progress… and then I started blogging and totally stalled. I feel like I have to start all over again because everything got messy again.

    1. Hi Julie! First of all, I was just gonna say that I love following you on Instagram! 🙂 I know what you mean about how we have to start all over again hehehe…

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