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5 Steps To Take Care Of Your Skin

What’s The Skinny on Skin Care?

This article shares 5 Skincare Steps to have healthy and beautiful skin, as recommended by a dermatologist. Keep reading to know how to take care of your baby’s skin as well as acne-prone skin. I was able to get in touch with Dr. Cricelda Rescober- Valencia, a dermatologist certified by The Philippine Dermatological Society, and she agreed to share a few tips on skin care. Again, it is best to consult a dermatologist in person! This post has useful information for how to take care of skin in general.


Dr. Valencia

Dr. Cricelda Rescober-Valencia has been in private practice for more than five years and has pursued further studies in dermatologic laser in Thailand a few years ago.

Tell us about your interests.

I have always been fascinated by the study of skin, with it being the largest organ of the body. My other interests include dancing (especially hip-hop), dogs, and food!

Dr. Valencia


Tell us about your family.

My husband, Nikko, is an ophthalmologist with focus on vitreo-retina surgery and refractive surgery. We have only been married for a month when we were blessed with a son, Nathan, who is now 5 months old.

Valencia Family


What are you like as a mom?

Since I am a first-time mom, I am learning day by day. It was difficult at first with the endless diaper changing, sleepless nights and scratching my head trying to decode what my baby’s cries meant. But being hands-on with Nathan made us closer, bringing me immense joy I did not think was possible.

Cricelda Rescober Valencia


Can you share some tips on how to take care of our babies’ skin?

tips for taking care of baby's skin

The baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than our skin. Because of the great surface area-body mass ratio in infants, they are at an increased risk for systemic toxicity from topically applied drugs. That is why it’s best to consult your dermatologist when it comes to treating your baby’s skin woes. Bathing with plain lukewarm water for a short time (around 5-10 mins) followed by application of an unscented simple emollient or lotion is advised to keep their skin healthy. Sometimes, well-meaning parents bathe their babies frequently which may increase the risk of eczema. Always remember that dry skin always itches.

Valencia Family


How can we take care of acne-prone skin?

For acne-prone skin, it is best to consult your friendly dermatologist so he or she can recommend a regimen for you. Overcleansing or using harsh alkaline soaps will likely increase your skin’s pH, disrupting its protective barrier, making it more prone to inflammation. Twice a day cleansing is enough. Also, acne is not always due to stress or puberty. It may also be because of an underlying endocrinologic disorder, drug intake or even your occupation.

How To Take Care of Skin


Can you share a skin care routine that you recommend to your patients?

skin care tips for moms

To keep your skin healthy, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect.

    1. Wash your face with a ph-balanced cleanser twice a day.
    2. Never go to sleep with your make up on. Always remove your makeup!
    3. Exfoliate with a mechanical (beads, scrubs) or chemical exfoliator twice a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores.
    4. Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer, more so at night.
    5. Lastly, put on a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and more at least 15 minutes before you head outdoors to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Get one that says broad spectrum so you have ammunition against UVA and UVB. Aging is mostly because of the sun so start to delay the development of wrinkles as early as you can. For skin, hair or nail concerns, consult with a dermatologist that is board-certified by the Philippine Dermatological Society.

Dr. Valencia

Do you have a tried-and-tested skincare routine? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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  1. Good tips here. i must admit I’m terrible at looking after my skin, but I don’t often wear make up so I like to think that helps keep it healthier than it might otherwise be. #BlogCrush

    1. I’m sure your skin looks terrific! <3 Thanks for dropping by, Alice!

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