PANKs Rock!

What is a PANK? 😋

PANK (Professional. Aunt. No Kids) is a term coined by Melanie Notkin, the founder of They are digital influencers who play a financially meaningful role in the lives of other people’s kids, are active on social media, and influence the purchasing decisions of those around them. For me, a PANK is a parent’s ally in raising children. After all, “it takes a community to raise a child”.

When I posted The Belli-ziimma Challenge on Facebook (“zii”= aunts in Italian), my good friend Gus Agustin asked if PUNKs (Professional. Uncle. No Kids) can join the photo challenge as well. Of course! Thanks for thinking up of that term, because… #inclusivity!

PANKs and PUNKs are the cool aunties and uncles who are the total opposite of “tactless titas and titos”. They rock because they give their time, energy, and money to make sure that they have a positive and meaningful relationship with your children.

I have two younger sisters who are PANKs, and I am so proud of them! Hershey is a feature writer and blogger at She is always excited and happy to be with my kids, and she gives them the best presents (BOOKS!). She showers my kids with attention and love, and I appreciate her for that.

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Did you ever have a ninang who gave you a book every Christmas of your childhood? I did, and many years after, I turned out to be like her too! 😋📚 • I bought these Filipino books for Emma Sky (#EmmaTheDoll) because her parents are theatre actors, and one of the first plays they did together was Noli Me Tangere. Her mom Chesca used to perform in Ibong Adarna, too! • I also bought these for my nephews, Dante and Sam, who are based in Italy now. My wish is for them not to forget the Filipino language, even though they live miles and miles away. Inside, I wrote a note that says, “Mahal kong Sam at Dante, wag nating kalimutan ang sariling atin.” ❤️ • Yay for board books for babies!!! 🙌🏻 Maligayang pasko, aking mga inaanak! 😘 #SupportLocalAuthors #BoardBooks #ReadingIsARight!

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Here she is with my son during her college graduation:


Hiyasmin  is a TV host and actress. She is so hilariously cute when she does her signature “Donald Duck” voice and her Elmo impersonation! My kids adore her. She said that the best thing about being a PANK is that you get to enjoy fun times with the kids without formal responsibilities!


Read on to find out why PANKs and PUNKs rock! 

Kim, an entrepreneur, enjoys a lunch date with her niece. She tells about how she sometimes brings her niece and nephew to her meetings because their parents are out. She says, “Pank na Pank since 2007 from changing diapers to bringing her to school when her parents are out for a medical conference. No gimmicks for me during college because no one is going to look after her.” She really is a supportive tita!
26905889_10214815012585163_1443984881_o (1)
Kim also talks about the time when she used to play with her niece and nephew for 30 minutes a day! She also used to watch them during their naptime.
Marianne, a professional teacher, takes her niece and nephew out for some yummy ice cream!
Marianne enjoys being a PANK! Here she is with her adorable niece at the mall, a fashionista just like her aunt.
Mylene, a marketing administrator, shares an “accidental twinning” photo with her sibling’s baby. Super cute!
Trina, a doctor, is wearing a matching outfit with her adorable niece. “Twinning- entirely accidental!”
Here are Trina and her niece “chilling” at home wearing matching gray tops and coral pink skirts!
Chris, a digital content editor & photographer, enjoys a day out at the beach with the niece and nephews.
26686083_10155966641304344_430401108498430481_o (1)
Gus, a policy lead, body jam instructor and group fitness instructor, is a new uncle to a cute baby niece! Fun times ahead for this certified #titoofmanila!


Kenny, an IT Specialist, enjoys a movie date with her active and cute nephew!


If you a PUNK sister or a PANK brother, you are so blessed! If you have a beautiful relationship with your aunt or uncle, then you are a very lucky person. Show them your APPRECIATION by telling them how much they matter!




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