Pre-Writing Practice Activities For Preschoolers

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children learn new skills. Maybe you have noticed that your child is already showing interest in writing. Your child holds a crayon and draws on paper. That’s great! Now, what’s next? How can you support your child’s interest in writing through pre-writing practice? Early Signs …

La Fontana di Trevi
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La Fontana di Trevi: What You Need To Know About Rome’s Most Beloved Fountain

It is summer here in Italy: the days are extra long and the night passes swiftly to welcome another day of endless sunshine. It is Saturday and most Italians are now enjoying a lovely day at the beach in their costume di bagno. Corso Brevi di Lingua Italiana As for me, I have a sore …

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How To Nurture Your Child’s Artistic Talents

Have you seen this UP Fine Arts student’s thesis exhibit about teeth? Seanelle Banaag is the artist behind “Bad Mouth: Visualizing Negative Traits Through Dental Articulators”. For her undergraduate thesis, she interpreted prevalent negative traits in society through the use of mouth models. These models are used in dental examination and inspection. She made this …

Saltalbero Parco Avventura: An Adventure Park In Tuscany
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Tuscany for Kids: Saltalbero Parco Avventura

Are you traveling in Tuscany with your family? If you are looking for cool things to do with your kids while you are on vacation, you might want to check out Saltalbero Parco Avventura in the province of Siena. It is also a lovely place to relax as it has a nice view of the …